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Flash Fiction & Short Stories
From The Starlight Galaxy (Space Opera)

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Jory’s Gamble

Flash Fiction:
A narrow escape.
An unexpected call for help.

It is always an adventure when you work for the Ghost Pirate. It has had its perks over the years for a rag-tag orphaned pilot and her companion MEC-Bot, but she never expected to it lead her to her destiny. Do you believe in space angels?

To Wake A God

Flash Fiction:
A short space adventure: A dying world, a waning God and a technology that could save both.
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A Marauder’s Christmas

Flash Fiction:
A blockade sanctioned by the Federation of Galactic Governments threatens to derail Christmas on a way station in the Syntori System.

Learn About My Projects: WIP: Ghost Pirate Book 1

In this space trilogy, a bounty hunter finds unexpected love, the gift of a child and a kidnapping unites siblings set against each other in galaxy struggling to survive, igniting a rebellion.

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