Do you dream of writing the kind of books you read?

I sent this out to my newsletter and thought I would post this edition on my website as well.


“Juneta is the BOMB! Every time I talk to her about my work-in-progress she whips it into shape. Not by doing the work for me, but by asking the exact right question so that I can see the path for my work. ” ~Shaunta Grimes

“In working with Juneta I realized things about my story that I hadn’t recognized, issues with pacing and tension, plot points that didn’t make sense.” ~Mark Ingram

“Wow!!! I was shocked at how much depth she was able to help me add to the story. She has this almost magical knack for helping you discover what you want to do.: ~Vanessa Wells

Hello Reader and Writer Friends,

A lot of changes going on in my life this month. The one thing that never changes is my love and passion for stories–reading and writing them.

To me, a good story is like an old friend. I was an only child. Books and the characters in them were my playmates. I visited Prince Edward Island in Canada and hung out with Anne Shirley. I played on the farm with Wilbur, from Charlotte’s Web.

I visited Middle Earth. I flew x-wings and wielded a lightsaber. I’ve sailed a thousand ships and experienced multiple lifetimes of love without ever leaving home.

I was never lonely with marvelous stories like these. I am so grateful to all the authors who shared their worlds and characters. They broadened my horizons, touched my heart, and revealed things I could never have learned or experienced in my ordinary world.

Our world is full of stories. Both real life and fictional. I am a series addict because once I find I story I love; I want to return to those characters and worlds over and over.

Powerful stories are loaded with characters that are human, 3-dimensional, and flawed, allowing the reader to connect and understand the motivation and drive behind the character and the story.

If you are struggling to write engaging stories, this is where I can help. I have spent my life learning the writing craft–it’s a passion. I help you develop the story as you write, with one-on-one coaching via zoom.

I help you recognize the elements, monitor your subplots, and deepen your character development—with the goal of moving your story forward to the end with consistency and flow.

If you are a writer or aspiring writer, I have four coaching spots available.

Do you need help with plot points? Is your book middle sagging? Are you having trouble figuring out the ending or getting your story stakes high enough? Maybe you just want to learn where to start. I can help.

Not ready for coaching but still want to learn more about engaging stories?

Read With Joy,


I am still revising and expanding Midlife Ghostwalker: Katje Storm series. Editing is a slower process that than I hoped for, but I am moving forward even if slowly.

Other Projects I am working on but on the back burner to Katje are:

My Magic Born or Magic Cursed? series, first draft of prequel is done and in editing stage.

I am outlining a Paranormal Cozy Mystery series set in the same world as my Midlife Ghostwalker series.

Also still working on my space opera periodically.

We will soon release Volume 6 in the Grumpy Old God’s anthology series this year.

Until next time, keep writing.