How To Write Short Stories Class – Early Bird Discount for 5 days!

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan and advocate of Holly Lisle Writing Classes.  I found Holly in 2012 and bought her big course How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers.

It totally changed my approach and the way I viewed my writing.   Today, I own all of Holly’s courses e.g. big courses, workshops, clinics and short courses.

Which is why I am so excited about this new course, [themify_button style=”small orange” link=”″]How to Write Short Stories[/themify_button]

I love writing short stories but it is not always easy figuring out what to include, or not to include to make them work, or coming up with great endings with a limited word count.  As much as I enjoy writing them I know I can do better, but what to do to make them better eluded me.

In this course you will learn:

  • How do you tell when it is an actual short story and not vignettes, scenes, slices of life or thought pieces. What makes a short story?
  • How to create meaningful endings for short stories.
  • How to revise a short story.
  • How to write to a specific theme or word count for a contest or specific market.
  • There is more than that.  You can read the course description below.

Two Things That Especially excited me about the course.

Writing Story Time to Length: Five Seconds or Five Hundred Years in 6000 Words

Spin-Off, Spin Into: Creating Good Short Fiction to Market Long Fiction


What I love about Holly is how thorough she is in covering every aspect of writing she tackles turning into something her students can understand, use, and duplicate.  You get worksheets and tools to help you work through the course and practice.  Input from other students and moderators on the teaching forums.

When you get to the end of her courses you always feel like you accomplished something.  You also feel like you learn something new every time you go back through it or refer back to it over the years.  When you buy her course you get lifetime access and upgrades plus additions are grandfathered in.  You don’t have to buy the course again to get the update or new material

How the course works:

  • You get one lesson each week over several weeks.
  • Worksheets and tools referenced included.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • You get access to Holly’s community, which is a great bonus.  One of the most supportive and interactive communities I have been a part of to date.  Access never expires.

Right now you can get 30% off for the next 5 days.  The early bird price is $67 until it goes up to its permanent price of $97 on Thursday, July 26th.  If you are interested I’d grab it now because it will never be this price again.  I have already bought it and I am working my way through it.

NOTE: If you decide to buy using my link for How to Write Short Stories, I am an affiliate and will receive a commission.  That helps me and never affects your price.  I am an affiliate because I believe in what Holly does.  I love her honest and direct approach in all that she does.  


[themify_button style=”small orange” link=”″]How to Write Short Stories[/themify_button]

DESCRIPTION:  Nine weekly lessons with writing assignments

How to Think Short: Painless Short Story Idea Creation

How to Plan Short: Fun, Simple Short Story Planning

How to Write Short: Get the Story You Want at the Length You Need

How to End Short: Landing Twist, Resolution, and Meaning

How to Revise Short: Find and Fix Everything In One Comprehensive Revision

Contests, Anthologies, Collections: Writing to a Theme

Writing Story Time to Length: Five Seconds or Five Hundred Years in 6000 Words

Spin-Off, Spin Into: Creating Good Short Fiction to Market Long Fiction

Genre Short Stories: Hitting Fundamental Notes

Level: Beginner to Pro


Nine comprehensive PDF lessons.

Printable PDF worksheets.

Diagrams and charts as needed.

Demos and short stories (by the author) for dissection.

Private Class Forum for lesson work, help, and practice.

Permanent in-version access, and all in-version upgrades free.