Travel Poem: Ode and tribute to WHAM!

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Ode and Tribute to WHAM! — A Song Poem: All capitalized titles are a contemplation of WHAM! songs. A sound poem.

One Blue Christmas I said,
Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go.

You told me I Gotta Have Faith,
It only takes one Heartbeat.

To find A Ray of Sunshine.
You need to Enjoy What You Do.

Standing on The Edge of Heaven,
Where Did Your Heart Go?

Nothing Looks The Same In The Light,
Why? Battle stations.

Careless Whisper, Lovemaker,
Do It Right, Come On.

Everything She Wants,
Credit Card Baby.

Club Tropicana, Young Guns, Bad Boys,
Jitterbug, Club Fantastic, WHAM! Rap.

If You Were There,
I would not feel so Blue.

Like A Baby, my tears fall,
It the Last time I’ll cry for you.

I’m moving on
I will find my Freedom.

I know he is out there,
And he will say, I’m Your Man.

Now London yawns bright, 1986
Farewell Wham! Wembley Stadium.

Elton John said, A Duo,
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.

Sweet days gone by, a stadium wave,
Never to forget you, hearts dancing.

Across an ocean we traveled,
One last Farewell, WHAM! Rap 86.

My friend Kelly and Me,
Hearts forever yours, lifetime memories.

Connections, magic, best friends,
Remember — Wake Me Up, Before You Go, Go!

RIP George Michael, gone but never forgotten