Rachel Medhurst Undercover Witch Academy: First Year

Rachel Medhurst Undercover Witch Academy: First Year

At the Undercover Witch Academy, I won’t remain hidden for long.

As the first illusionist witch able to syphon magic from everything and everyone, I’m a little sought after. Hundreds of supernatural academies have offered me a place, but there’s only one I’ll attend. The Undercover Witch Academy. Why? Dracian Dread.

The male witch who killed my parents is already a top student at the academy, beloved by all. But, not for long. Soon, everyone will know who Dracian really is, and I’ll be the one to tell them. 

When students start to lose their magic, all eyes turn to me. Classes are postponed as an investigation gets underway. There’s no proof that it’s me, and it’s not, let me assure you, so I have to find a way to prove my innocence. Unfortunately, the only ally I have is none other than Dracian Dread, the man I love to hate. 

Will I be able to find the real culprit before every student loses their magic for good?

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Undercover Witch Academy: First Year Excerpt

The door opened easily as I slipped out silently. If I didn’t hurry, they would catch up to me. I had taken a serious risk by coming through the shop. I didn’t have a clue whether or not it was enclosed out the back, but I had visited the shop many times, so a part of me felt like it was a sanctuary.

Metal steps led up to the roof. Treading them two at a time, I flew up them, wishing I had a lighter backpack and more magic. An Illusionist witch didn’t have a direct line into mother earth, they had to steal energy to transform into magic. We were the lowest of the low on the witch hierarchy. Well, except me. Apparently, I had invented a way for us to use magic without stealing it from other witches. Woopie do.

The crash of the door below forced my head out of my arse as I ran across the balcony that lined the roof. My heart was in my throat as I approached the edge of the building, preparing to jump to the flat roof opposite. Apparently, I wanted to die today. 

“Alishia, we only want to talk!” the male agent called from the steps.

Taking a running jump, I managed to soar over the boundary and land on my feet on the grit and stones. Not stopping, I headed straight for the next one, although right at the last minute, an electric cable caught my eye.

Twisting to the left, I dove for the cable at the same time as the man’s grunt was followed by the crunch of gravel behind me. He was catching up.

“Stop!” he shouted as my fingers wrapped around the electric cable, and I puffed into thin air.

My whole body shook as it landed in a bush at the side of a road. The leaves scratched me as I thrust around, trying to assimilate the electrical charge that had blasted my body. Most witches would die if they had clung to an electric cable, but not Alishia Jones. Nope, she had found the invention that would almost get her killed. Yes, I was talking in third person…

Rachel Medhurst Undercover Witch Academy: First Year

About Rachel Medhurst

Rachel Medhurst grew up in Surrey, England. She writes to prove that no matter where you come from, you can be anything you want to be. Your past may shape you, but it doesn’t define you. When Rachel isn’t writing, she can be found reading and walking in nature.


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