Under the Surface of Stars: A Story Poem

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

A new day. A new dawn

Something woke me early. I knew this day was different.

Stars fell last eve, the dawn blinked of day and night. 
A woven canopy of twinkling stardust.

This day the Faeries brought the light.
Garden Gnomes emerged with shovels in hand,
Treasure sacks over their shoulders, ready to work.

Fingering my dragon ring; it wiggled. 
The air shifted. Red and bronze scales shimmered.

Dainty dragon’s tail curled swirling around my finger,
Wing’s flap, eyes opening, yawning wide, 
As babies do, coughing smoke, inhaling, 
His first breath in animated life.

Fireflies lit the room dancing with pixies,
They knew. Arriving with treats for the tiny dragon.

The earth trembled. My treehouse woke, stretching its limbs.
A lumbering giant rocking to and fro — we moved.
Over hills and dales, across rivers and oceans,
Up and over mountain peaks, somewhere near eternity’s edge,
We paused. Listening to the distance march of marionettes approach.

We land with falling stars.
A new day, a new dawn.

The Earth thunders beneath our feet. 
Wind strums the tree; the Forest sings.
Wave’s clash and crash, cymbals of attention,
To the far-off serenade of a Whale’s song.
 Fireflies blinking sparks that litter the air. 
Hearts full of life — children still believe.

We will not be erased.
 Together we fight— The land of faery arise.

We stand united under the surface of stars.

Photo by Tom Geerts on Unsplash


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