Atlantis Lost City Read Everyday Giveaway

Atlantis lost city read everyday giveaway

Atlantis Lost City Read Everyday Giveaway

Atlantis lost city has risen. Apocalyptic events have reshaped the world shifting global powers. Magic once hidden is now revealed. A centuries old magical community is a prominent player in a global effort to police the surviving communities both the magical and nonmagical.

Check out my short story collection from my series world Moon Hollow, Magic Born or Magic Cursed? See how the residences of Moon Hollow survive and thrive during The Emergence.

Atlantis lost city read everyday giveaway. A New Release Magic Born or Magic Cursed?
The Blurb:

Atlantis has risen! Cataclysmic events reshape the globe and a new world order emerges. Magic once hidden is released back into the world. The magical Isle of Moon Hollow is no longer just an ordinary seafaring community.

Discover how the residents of Moon Hollow overcome their trials and tribulations.

Pre-Emergence: Remi and Smoak
A young girl comes into her magic when she comes of age. Is she magic born or magic cursed? So far she’d say cursed.

The Emergence: Poseidon’s Island
A young thief triggers the rising of Atlantis setting off global catastrophic events.

A young boy’s innate magic is ignited early, in the aftermath of the rising of Atlantis. Scared and alone, his instincts take him on a survival journey to find his destiny.

Deep Dive
What secrets and legends lay under the Isle of Moon Hollow? A tourist shop owner and deep sea diver will soon find out.

No one expects to outlive their children. Driven by grief, a man seeks the portal to Hades in Mermaid Cove.

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Atlantis lost city read everyday giveaway

Atlantis Lost City Read Everyday Giveaway