The Cinderella Guide

Photo by Sandra Frey on Unsplash

A Foray Into Parody

Voice no opinion. Stay Silent.
Do not draw attention in any way.

No questions allowed.
No needs. No wants. Make do.

Sequester to one room with the door shut.
Do not come out. Expect no knocks or inquires.

Never share your vulnerabilities or fears.
Silence must be maintained through sickness and pain.

Feelings are irrelevant. No one cares.
Never expect inclusion or invites or inquires of well-being.

No matter what you do — it is not good enough.
Never expect praise or encouragement.

Just do it. Your fault.
You do it to yourself.

Wear clothes until they are rags.
Patch, stitch the best you can.

It’s not like you are going anywhere.
Your odd and out of sync,

No prince or palace dance for you.
You are the cinder. Never to be the flint.

Photo by Robert Metz on Unsplash