For Writers Table of Contents

For Writers Table of ContentsTable of Contents


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  1. Plottr Outlining Software Compatible with Scrivener Word Processing Tool
  2. Online Library, Resources, and Word Fun Links
  3. Writing Craft Books, I read and recommend.
  4. Writing for Theater and Film by Carina from The Theater Seat Store, information submitted to Writer’s Gambit, as a resource for writers, by Anna a student through youth services. 
  5. Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author – an informative article by ZenBusiness (Note: ZenBusiness-Provides service to help run your business.  It is a subscription base service.)  The article is very informative and available on their blog to read.  
  6. Creative Jobs For English Majors  Maryville University
  7. Plagiarism vs Copyright Infringement on Writer’s Fun Zone by Kelly Way
  8. Software & Tools For Writers (Free & Low Cost & Fun or Makes Life Easier)
  9. 300 Online Writing Courses for Writers from Kotobee Blog
  10. Podcast For Writer’s (Myriad of Subjects reference Writers & Publishing)
  11. Marketing – 10 Best Book Trailer Types by Adam Crushman on The Creative Penn
  12. Writing & Marketing Courses For Writer’s
  13. Email List Building
  14. Bullet Journaling For Writer’s
  15. Writer’s & Taxes
  16. Author Platform & Blogging
  17. Character Building Tools: Traits, Needs & Personality Tests
  18. Story Structure & Elements
  19. More Story Elements
  20. Get Unstuck, Remove Blocks, Fixes, Inspiration: Secrets & Wisdom
  21. The Brain & Writer’s: Stories Change The Brain
  22. The Power of Habit* The brain is amazing
  23. The 5 Second Rule* Train your brain
  24. Final Drafts
  25. Copywriting, Content Management, Sell More Books
  26. Writing Short Stories & Flash Fiction
  27. Marketing, Promotion, Self-Publishing
  28. Books On Writing Craft & Business
  29. The Business Side of Writing
  30. Copyright Infringement: Images You Can and Can’t Share on Your Blog
  31. Don’t Give Away Your Power by Laura Drake @Writer’s In The Storm – article
  32. Build Your Writing Career By Investing In the Right Help article by ANGELA ACKERMAN 
  33. Articles That Focus on Writing Craft and getting published DIY MFA website
  34. 640+ killer ways to promote your book – article
  35. How To Get Your Book Notice With Fantastic Results – article
  36. 7 Best Ways To Build An Authentic Author Brand – article
  37. Word Choice For Character Strength on Writer’s In The Storm by Elizabeth Essex – article
  38. Learning About Writing & the Business-Knowledge and Where to Find it #AtoZChallenge 2018 – Ronel the MythMaker
  39. #AuthorToolboxBlogHop: Monthly Blog Hop for authors who want to learn more about being authors Raimey Gallant & Interview with Raimey Gallant on Ronel the Mythmaker.
  40. Pros And Cons Of Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing TheCreativePenn – article
  41. The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners – Step by Step by WPBeginners Editorial Staff
  42. Beginners Guide For WordPress WPBeginners Editorial Staff
  43. Getting it Right: Writing to Market #AtoZChallenge #ownvoices by Ronel Janse van Vuuren
  44. 10 Success Tips From Stephen King by Jenny Hansen @ Writer’s In The Storm – article


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