Falling Through The Years


Falling through the years
One smile at a time.
The daily thought of you.

Your laughter,
Your kindness,
Your heart.

Your touch,
Your scent,
Your sound.

Holding me,
Loving me,
Always there for me.

Living in mutual grace.
You see me,
Your eyes light for me.

Even now
Midway through our lives,
Our hearts synchronize.

You think of me
I think of you
You are the air I breathe.

The last thought
Always Of You.
Eternity beckons.

My Spirit sings…
— Until we meet again,
My love…

I wrote this poem for this flash fiction story The Letter. The flash fiction story was a writing exercise in regards to this quote as a writing prompt.

“Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary. “— Crystal Woods

Photo credit: license through Depositphotos