I Love You, Joe!

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash Header
Photo by Fox & Otter on Unsplash Cup of coffee bottom

A bean for your thoughts?

You are the reason I make it through my days.
You are the lifeblood, the zings in my veins.

You are my first thought when I awake.
You are the crave that makes it all okay.

You are the aroma that soothes the fatigue.
You are the memory, the heart of my home.

You are the taste that tantalizes my tongue.
You are the stimuli, that push to proceed.

When my eyes droop you stir them wide open.
When my energy lags, you give me that extra jag

So dear Joe, you are my comfort.
Forever do I owe to you my focus.

You are the constant marker across time, |
As an infant not quite a toddler, I begged for you.

You are an old friend, no cream please.
I may not eat but you are where I spend my dime.

Just know, I love you, Joe!