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Wednesday, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2024

Deadline for LINKS: Friday, FEBRUARY 23RD, 2024!

Theme is optional. Stories should be a speculative fiction in nature up to 1000 words.

  • Short Story/Flash Fiction up 1000 words 
  • (PG13 RATED–No Violence, Erotica or Foul Language)
  • Genre: Speculative Fiction (<-definition)
  • Theme: (OPTIONAL) e.g. Holiday, Event Month
  • Post on Your Blog & Pre-schedule to match host time zone.
    Automatically match your time zone by pre-set link for scheduling provided below.
  • Story Links DEADLINE to take part:
    EMAIL Me BY: Friday, February 23rd by 11 p.m. Eastern.
    Or Holly People can post in thread on site or DM me.
  • Questions? 
    Contact me here!
  • PRE-SCHEDULER LINK for you to use here (Time zone match) (Another time zone converter)
    SNYC’s your posts with hosts (ME) to Go Live midnight hosts time.
    (My) time zone is EASTERN. Use pre-scheduler link above. No Guessing Required!
  • How It Works:
    Post your story on your website.
    Use preset link to determine and sync time zone.
  • Email your scheduled link to me by the link DEADLINE above.
    (Make sure you hit schedule before copying your link, otherwise, it is only the preview for your eyes-only link.)

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Speculative Flash Fiction Up to 1000 words.

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