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  1. Katharina Gerlach
    April 24, 2024 @ 10:42

    The cover is awesome and I very much like both characters. The skeletons, were they incarnations of the idea of Death trying to get her soul back to wherever “normal” dead people go? Or are they some kind of monsters? I’m looking forward to reading more.


  2. James, F.E.
    April 24, 2024 @ 09:33

    This is a good ‘sneak peek.’ It draws you in and sets up the rest of the story. And while I’m not your target audience, I’d read the rest of it.


  3. Natalie Aguirre
    April 24, 2024 @ 07:14

    Your cover is awesome. And I enjoyed your sneak preview. It has a really strong beginning.


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