Dark, High Fantasy Anthology by Watson Davis A Must Read!

I love reading.  It is my passion.  I have had a love affair with books for as long as I can remember.  My love for reading is why I must write.  Sometimes you find a really good book and it just doesn’t get enough traction.  This is a fun read.  If you ever wanted to know what I have been reading here is one of them.
Loathsome Tales of Vengeance and Freedom Kindle Edition by Watson Davis

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I don’t do book reviews normally on my blog because I don’t have the time to commit to reading on a deadline that reviews would require and keep up with my story writing.  I do read and sometimes I host an author I have read and will mention my opinion about the book.  This is an anthology of short stories that reads like a little mini-series.  The reason why I am telling you about Loathsome Tales is because this author has another book coming out soon related to this short stories world.  I will be waiting in line for its release.

I found the book because we are both students of Holly Lisle’s writing courses.  I did a beta read for him before its release and fell in love with it’s epic series feel in short stories.  I enjoyed it so much that I purchase a copy, so I could read it again.  I did a review on Amazon after I read it that I wanted to share here now.



Loathsome Tales of Vengeance and Freedom

What I said about it on Amazon:

This book is one of the best anthologies I have read. It is a collection of short stories but altogether reads like a little miniseries. A very fun read.

Step into a world of magic, wicked sovereigns, assassins, and surprising twists. It intrigued me, even as it teased my curiosity. It left me wanting to read more. It is an ongoing tale of dark secrets, struggles of freedom and oppression, the desire for vengeance and about an evil that clings forcing decisions and responsibilities you don’t want to face. Destiny is not always fair, and survival can make you a monster.

I can’t wait to read more by this author. The story possibilities are very promising. Great voice and style. If you love dark fantasy, you will enjoy this one. I loved the ending. It was surprising, unique and a very compelling read.


If you love fantasy, especially dark high fantasy you will love these tales and want more.  I know I do.  Get it here on Amazon.

Stay tuned for the next release a full-length novel. Coming Soon! I can’t wait!

The Archbishop’s Amulet – Dark, High Fantasy.  A slave, an amulet, and a race to Windhaven ~ by Watson Davis Get It Now On Amazon

Watson Davis Author Website & Bio

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