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Sometimes I get request’s from people wanting to submit articles for pay FYI and to clarify.
This is NOT a paid service, but a free supportive service for fellow authors, bloggers–writers to help promote the books, get the news out, and find readers who will love their stories and articles as I build my writing platform sharing the journey and making friends.    


Free Service I Offer Authors & Bloggers!

**I do posts swaps.  Just let me know what topic and we can discuss swap dates.  These can be a lot of fun.

Contact me for available dates & more information.


Author Spotlight:

  • New Book Releases, Anthologies
  • Short Stories, Flash Fiction
  • Blog Tours
  • Book Blitz etc.
  • Story Festival or Blog Hop

Guest Posts: 

  • About All Things Fiction
  • The Writing Craft
  • The Writing Industry e.g. how to’s and informational’s reference copywriting, marketing, publishing, promotion, ads, blurbs, pitch, query letters, social media, how to sell more books, blogging, journaling or creating journals, blogging, freelance writing, finding your market e.g. jobs, creating online courses, finding your niche, no content publishing, finding and targeting your audience and so on.

Specialty Posts:

  • Cast Your Characters
  • Interview Your Character
  • Introduce Your Muse
  • Writing Rituals & Inspiration
  • Why You Write-Your Journey etc.  
  • Indie Publishing vs Traditional or Hybrid
  • How to succeed as a freelance writer-blogger-author-entrepreneur
  • Promote a webinar or mini workshop offering help, aid or teaching tips

Don’t know what to do?  Need a suggestion?  EMAIL ME HERE


    • Your website links
    • Author Photo
    • Author BIO (brief & long)
    • Social Media links e. g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, Linkedin ect.
    • Fan pages you would like to include.
    • Amazon author page, if you want it included.
    • Book Covers, Banners & Artwork connected to book
    • Book Blurbs
    • Are you doing a blog tour or blog hop?  Links to info, banners, or any artwork connected to that.
    • Sponsoring a Contest or Giveaway connected to your book release? Links/entry links.
    • Date you want your post to go live, so I can check my schedule to see if date requested if available.  EMAIL ME HERE




What should you do?



Decide what you want to do from above list or suggest something else.



Contact me for available dates.

Request the date you are interested in appearing on my site.  I will check schedule and notify you if it is or is not available.  You need to also give me an idea of what you want to do and why or if you want me to interview you.  



If the date you request is available and you request an interview with me,  I will try to get the questions to you within one to two weeks before the scheduled date for your post to go live on my site, or sooner if I can manage it.   I will confirm post date and time needed for response via email as soon as I get the email, normally same day or next day of request.  

SAAVYPOTCEMAIL ME, Let’s discuss it.







  1. Find out if the DATE you want to appear is available via my contact form.
  2.  Let me know what type of post you are interested in doing for my Author Spotlight.
  3. Provide ASAP links & info requested above if you asking for an interview, otherwise, it can be submitted with your post.
  4. If interview requested. Allow 3 to 5 days for receiving your questions.  It depends on my schedule and time, how soon you provide the needed links and information, on how soon I can get them to you.  
  5. All material should be (PG RATED–No Violence, Erotica or foul language.  Keep it family friendly.




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  • Hi Juneta. I’m thinking late April would be good if that works for you or early May. I so enjoyed your author special with Chip Etier so perhaps something similar might be nifty. I have years of working as a professional actor to my experience as well as Air Force wife during the Korean war.
    You’ve found my blog site, you rascal and I use FB to keep in touch with friends all over.A touch of Twitter, an interview here and there and hope for the best. To Be Continued, my first book, is optioned for a television movie. It does happen .
    I’m so pleased to have met you and look toward a lasting friendship.

    • Hi Charmaine,
      I will mark you down for April or early May then for an Interview. I’ll recheck your site, if I need anything more for questions I will shoot you an email or contact you on FB.

      Congratulations! That is really cool about your first book being optioned for a television movie. I love hearing that. It gives me hope for the future and inspiration to keep on writing.

      I will talk to you soon.

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