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The untold story of King David…… Good and evil will never be the same again…..

As rumours surface about the new King, his young wife and her unborn child, the prophet Nathaniel will insist that King David seek the Ark of the Covenant of God. Yet, with a trail of tortured bodies appearing from nowhere, with no explanation, it will be clear that General Martinez must be called back from retirement.

As General Martinez leaves his quiet and comfortable days in the field behind him, he will realize that a return to the service of the King must once more take priority over the pursuit of love.

The Egyptian Princess Jezebel will push the pain of betrayal from her mind, instead, replacing it with rage and a longing for revenge. Her magic and powers of seduction may not have been enough to bring the Israeli Kingdom to its knees, but now, the General, the King, and the Priestess will all pay for the death of her father and her banishment from the Royal Palace of the Pharaoh.

As the King seeks the Ark, a new mystery will arise. A new born child will be prophesied; a child of great influence and power. Many men of God will make claim to know the origin of the child, but only the little Holy man will truly know and understand. Old enemies will conspire, as the Universe will reunite old friends to save the life of a loved one, to find the Ark and to fight to restore balance once more.

The untold story of King David – the friends and enemies the old bible stories forgot about; or never wanted you to discover.


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Today I welcome fantasy author Fiona Tarr to tell us about her second book in her Covenant of Grace series, Seeds of Hope. 

Welcome to Writer’s Gambit Fiona,

Thanks for having me Juneta.


1. What inspired your idea for your Covenant of Grace series?

When I wrote the first book Destiny of Kings, I wasn’t really sure it would be a series until I got so much positive feedback from readers. The idea to use an Old Testament bible story came from my own unsettled spirit I guess. The Old Testament stories are quite brutal at times and the story of King David has often been restricted to Goliath only, when David’s life was very interesting for many other reasons. I wanted to use the base of this ancient historical story to delve into the often controversial and conflicting subject of faith and religion.



2. Have you always been a writer, or was it the idea of your book that spur you into the world of writing and publishing?

I wrote poetry in school and found I really enjoyed it but I wouldn’t say I knew then that I would become a writer. When life started to slow down a little as my children grew older I decided writing would be my future. Over the last eight years I have been developing my writing and my first book in the series was the catalyst for what I believe will be a lifelong career.



3. Your book is a fantasy based loosely around the story of David from the Bible.  Why fantasy and what is the difference between fantasy and just a fictional tale? 

I am glad you said loosely based. I have adopted quite a lot of ‘poetic license’ as they say in the movies. Historically the content is accurate but the story is fictional with the main characters being people who do not exist in the old bible story. I chose fantasy instead of regular fiction because by definition most spiritual or prophetic writing is usually offered in this genre and even more so in my books. I love to let my imagination go wild and Seed of Hope goes further into the realm of the supernatural. My understanding of fantasy writing is that the story content can be imaginative, full of magic and often focused on themes that not everyone believes in. Fantasy isn’t restricted by the usual conventions of ‘normal’ reality fiction.



4. What was your favorite part about writing this story?

I love weaving the story together. Pulling in little hints left behind from book one and laying out new sub-plots for future books. I really enjoy puzzles and jigsaws and I see writing fantasy as a type of game where the puzzle is slowly unpacked and organized in a way readers can guess, perceive and then realize goals; not always as they expected.



5. Do you have a favorite scene?

Yes of course, but it might spoil the story for readers if I share it here. Let’s just say it is one of the most intense scenes in the book. Readers have told me that they felt a surge of emotion and the scene made them hope that something terrible would happen to one of the main antagonists in the story. I still get goose bumps myself when I read it.



6. Your first book in this series was Destiny of Kings, can you tell us about that book?  How do both your books connect? Is it a continuation, or separate but ongoing tale?

I am a really busy person, so being able to read a book in a series in its entirety is really important to me. I get frustrated with those sagas that go on for book after book with no resolution. With that in mind, each book can be read independently as each volume has a completion, but it Destiny of Kings also ties in quite tightly with the next. Seed of Hope is set a few years after Destiny of Kings finishes and many of the favourite characters return to the story, with a few more added into the mix. A lot of the little sub-plots from book one are resolved in book two, but I have added even more layers to the story.



7. What do you do when you are not writing?

I am a mum, wife and full-time business owner so I keep fairly busy. When I am not writing I take time out with good friends, enjoy dining out and spend a lot of time on the water kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding.



8. Any advice for new authors starting out and self-publishing?

Self-publishing can be daunting so just take it one step at a time. Make sure you get a professional copy edit (something I didn’t do) before publishing and spend some time getting beta readers you trust to look over the manuscript. Most of all, don’t be afraid to try; the feedback you get from your first published work is invaluable for your future writing growth.



9. What do you read, when you are not writing?

When I am not writing I read fantasy books by authors like David Gemmell and David Eddings, but I never read these while I am in the middle of a story, they can be distracting. When I am in the middle of a manuscript I read quite a lot of non-fiction books on editing, professional blogging articles from writers such as Jeff Goins or Seth Godin and I also do a huge amount of marketing research for both my writing and my other business interests.



10. Anything you would like the reader to know, before we go?

I would love to give your readers a chance to sample my writing. I am currently giving away a FREE copy of book one Destiny of Kings to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter. Just visit click on the Subscribe Now button and a voucher to download a copy will be emailed out to the registered email address.


Thank Fiona for being with us here today.





Fiona Tarr is a wife, mum, multiple small business owner and writer.  Seeds of Hope is the second book in her Covenant of Grace series.  You can read about about her writing journey on her blog, listed below.   You can read more About Fiona on her blog.

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