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Vanessa Finaughty new fantasy series The Wizard of Ends blog tour appearing on my blog October 21st and 31st. Tour Starts October 1 -31st 2014. Stop by to say hello and check out the new series.


Wizard of Ends Mash-Up

By Vanessa Finaughty

The Wizard of Ends virtual book tour kicks off next week Wednesday! Learn about magic in the real world, the series and its characters, and prepare yourself for plenty of giveaways from not only me, but also from fellow authors Michelle Louring, Alianne Donnelly andSimon Ludgate.

To find out more, take a look at our exciting itinerary.

For a small taste of what you can expect from the series, take a peek at:

23 June 2014: Wizard of Ends, a Magical New Adventure Series

16 July 2014: Extract: Wizard of Ends by Vanessa Finaughty

23 July 2014: Pre-Publication Extract from Wizard of Ends, Book 1

5 August 2014: Wizard of Ends: a new fantasy series by Vanessa Finaughty

12 August 2014: Vanessa Finaughty: A Twelfth Night Interview

18 September 2014: Wizard of Ends, Book 1: ARC Review (5/5 stars)

I hope to see you all at the tour next week – come and celebrate with me!

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