Pursue The Wind




The wind combs my hair.

My radio blares the beat.

Speeding through the black night, 

I want to fly free like the wind,

Lose my cares, forget my woes. 

I dream of another me,

Another time, another place,

Without labels or boxed in. 

Not in a perfect world,

That would not change me or make me grow, 

I need a reason to pursue the wind,

Unfurl my wings on imagination, 

While I ride the elusive tail of the Midas star.

 Hold hope, keep it safe no matter how far.

© Juneta Key




I  have loved this song, since it first came out.  I love the sound of it and the story it tells.

The fact the word wind was in it drew me in.  I’m now living in Seminole country.

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