This piece has gone through three transformations, since originally written March 2014.  This is the 4th metamorphosis.

Sailing ship on the high seas in the night. Flying Dutchman by the Moon light.

Big Stock Photo–Flying Dutchman-Sailing ghost ship on the high seas by plrang



As long as life’s helm holds me,
To and Fro I am tossed
Upon fortunes wind,
Yet I am not without navigation
My cross-staff raised to distance horizons.

I stand watch in the crow’s nest,
Vigilant for sanguine lands
And the ever elusive Morning Star.
Knowledge buoy’s me, even as it lures me,
While monsters of the murky deep wait to devour me.

My eyes are fixed on my Polaris,
In search of joy’s rare gifts,
A flash of green though brief,
Fuels the voyage,
Buffers through nature’s storms.

All my jagged rocks exposed,
Charted by sextant,
Yet unseen peril still lurks on each new horizon.
My faith remains in my lodestar,
A beacon in treacherous depths and hurricane gales.

It gives my journey focus,
My spirit wings,
My imagination celestial flights,
It feeds my soul in dark of night,
Sparking magic in one solitary life.

The enchantment of the voyage is in believing!

© Juneta Key 2015



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Big Stock Photos–Flying Dutchman-Sailing ghost ship on the high seas by plrang

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