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First, I would like to share that I am a Camp NaNoWriMo 2014 winner. I made my word goal of 20,000 with Guardians of the Seals.   I am still writing.  I am estimating 50,000-60,000 words total for the finished first draft.  After that, I will be taking it through the editing process, and the course by Holly Lisle “How to Revise Your Novel.”


The month of May and for the next few months I am taking Holly Lisle’s “How to Write a Series” course, while continuing working on my current novel, and other projects.  I am bouncing in my chair excited about this.  Holly has been talking about expanding the four-week course for a good while, and now she is.  The course is live, while the expansions are being created.  There are 8 module expansion’s predicted.   We are working on the first one in May.  Totally psyched.

I also recently, became a member of Holly Lisle Affiliated Program, which yes, if someone buys from one of my links, I receive a commission for the recommendation.  The disclosure is in the top menu.  I really love these courses.  They have changed my writing life  e. g. The way I think about writing, and the way I approach my writing now.  I own all Holly’s courses big and small.   I purchased all my courses long, before I became an affiliate.  I started with “How to Think Sideways” in 2012.  So, whether you go through my link or some other way, these courses are great if you are serious about your writing.  The community is awesome too.  They keep me motivated in my writing, and show me what is possible.  The best thing is I believe that it is possible, and that is a big hurdle. Holly Lisle Shop

I will direct my concentration at finishing, “Guardian’s of The Seals”, and completing the series course I am taking.  However, I am also excited about my  Starlight Space Opera series and Moon Hollow series I have planned.  You can learn a little about those through my story portal.  I will keep you updated on my progress with those as they develop.

Notifications of Changes

I am learning and as I do, I make upgrades and changes that will improve and make the journey more fun.  It is important to me to have fun, laugh, learn, and I hope, offer the same to you. The whole website thing and newsletter is very new to me. It is a learn as I go and do process, which means I normally do not get it right the first time, or the best it could be.  I stumble over my own feet a lot, go UT OH, and a lot of AH moments–that is how you do that, along with dang, I screwed that up.

I have used MailChimp to host my sign up form, and newsletter, but I have discovered for what I need, in a range I can afford is best accomplished with AWeber, so I have switched my host.  SIGN UP FORM FOR NEWSLETTER ON SIDEBAR OF WEBSITE.

I am still working on the forms, newsletter, and all that, to set everything up again, better I hope.  AWeber offers a lot more options at a lower price, in the end, for my needs.  It also has many little benefits available to me for immediate use. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, if you have already signed up. Link for convenience
Here is the link

Best Wishes & Happy Reading,

I have revamped the site, and not just the front page.  Story Portal and other stories pages also revamped, please look around and enjoy your visit.  Feel free to comment and leave replies.  I always love hearing from you.








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