Mystery Thriller Week 2017 Join, Read or Both!

Mystery Thriller Week 2017






I’ve been invited to take part in Mystery Thriller Week as part of the celebration by Benjamin Thomas one of the organizers.

I signed up to do a review, which you will be able to read here on my blog on February 20th, 2017.  Check back here to read the review.  This is my first review ever on my blog. I normally do not do blog reviews, but for this special occasion, I decided to try it.  I will also be posting a normal review as I do for other books on several seller platforms. 

As part of the fun, I get to display an official badge for participating on my sidebar saying Charter Member.  Check it out on the right.  

I’ve discovered since posting this post that my Spotlight Author for February 14th has a book that will also be in MTW, so I will be posting a review of her book along with her guest post on Feb. 14th.  So check back then for that review here, which will actually end up being my first review. 


220+ Authors and over dozen countries represented from international thriller and Agatha award finalists to beginning writers. 



Read more about Mystery Thriller Week and get more details read here! It’s an extravaganza.

Crazy about mystery, thriller, suspense and horror and want to participate?

You can sign up to take part by clicking on the image below.  Just follow the clues.


Mystery Thriller Week 2017

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