Life’s Metaphors


Storm clouds gather outside.  I hear the thunder, and feel it rumble deep in my chest.    It’s Sunday.   Life has been a bit stormy this year.   I am grateful for the shelter over my head.  I am not hungry.  I am restless.  I find myself wishing for chocolate, which I do not have.  I hear the tick of the battery-operated clocks in the room.  It is the song of the passage of time.

Outside the musty dirt-smell of the rain grows, as drops of wetness start to dot the concrete.  It thunders.  The world reverberates, and the heavens unleash its flood, but I am dry as I stand in my doorway looking out.  I retreat from the storm.

I stop to put on a load laundry to add the rotating rock of the spin cycle to the sounds of the day.  In this modern society, there is no such thing as true silence to the hearing.  If it is not the modern sounds of society than it is the wild sounds of life around you, crickets, frogs, birds, and other such things.   Life goes on.   It cycles just like the washing machine to bring about a change.  Dirty clothes to clean clothes.  Season to season.  Life to death, and then it begins again.

I sit down at my laptop to write with a cup of coffee in hand, and I am grateful for this time.  I am grateful for the gift of imagination. I am grateful for the rising and setting of the sun, because for me, in this moment, life goes on, and the thunder booms.  It is only a season.

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Life’s Metaphors

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  • admin

    Thank you. It has been storming all week here in Florida. The day I wrote this the thunder was really loud. I was searching for something to write on my blog, and then it thundered again, lol. I did a load of laundry too. Oddly this was not thought out. It sort of emerged for me. My mind tends to lean to the philosophical and the metaphoric. Yes we only have so many seasons till the cycle ends to begin again one day without us. I am grateful for my seasons.

    I find worry insidious, sneaky, and smothering when it strikes. It is like that cartoon cat that clings to the hand, and you cannot throw it off no matter how many times you shake the hand. It clings like you are wearing velcro, and its the styrofoam. The cat needs positive attention to change its behavior, because like kids it wants any kind of attention it can get. If negative is all it gets that is the behavior it learns. I am still working on this one.

    I find that making gratitude list, to do list, and then doing them helps. Getting out in the sunshine too. Positive action seems to dull the cling. It definitely changes the attitude with long term practice, and it does take practice for me now that I am older.

  • that was lovely. stormy days are great days to write! and i’ve always felt the futility of laundry and cleaning – everything gets dirty so fast! but i love your comparison to the cycle of life… we do our best for the short, fleeting time we are here.

    and to your iwsg post – i have days of worry too, but i try to push the worry off to side. i don’t have time for it! and this post says why!

    happy hump day! let’s write!

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