Life’s Metaphors




Storm clouds gather.  The sound of thunder is distant, but I can feel its growing churn in the air.  Restlessness grips me.   The [tick] [tick] of the battery-operated clock lulls me into a passive state.  The mark of time standing still in that instant.

Outside the musty dirt-smell of the rain grows; dots of wetness appearing to well-up out of the sidewalk.  Thunder cracks.  Lightening flashes.  I jump.  The world reverberates, as the heavens unleash a flood.

The rotating rock of the spin cycle adds its domestic rhythm to the sounds of the day.   It serves to remind me that life cycles bringing about change for a season.  Washing out the old; making room for the new.   Life to death; death to life.  Season to season.  Nothing is permanent, but change itself.

Cup of coffee in hand, I sit down with my laptop to write.  The music of life my symphony.  I am grateful for the gift of imagination. I am grateful for the rising and setting of the sun.  In this moment, life goes on and the thunder booms for this season of my life.


© Juneta Key 2014

photo credit: VinothChandar via photopin cc

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