Learn To Use Scrivener Fast Webinar April 23rd


highres-scrivener-logoI love Scrivener. I did not use it for a long time, because of the learning curb. I owned it for two years without using it. In 2013, I purchased the Ninja access to Learn To Use Scrivener Fast and it changed my writing life.  Everything, research, pictures, links, whatever, all in one place, one project instead of many windows.  I prefer it now over Word.  I can even import Scrapple, Evernote and Aeon Timeline, which I also own, into the one project where I have access without having to leave my work, or have several windows open. You can also create your own timeline using Scrivener. There are so many little tricks, ins and outs, they are all covered in this learning program.  The bonuses alone were worth the purchase to me.

It was K. M. Weiland who introduce me to Learn To Use Scrivener Fast. She is hosting another webinar.

My Writing Process, Pt. 2 of 2: How I Use Scrivener to Write My First Drafts

K.M. Weiland blog and webinar access

WEBINAR:  Thursday, April 23rd at 4PM EST, for a free webinar with Scrivener Coach Joseph Michael.

Don’t won’t to wait for webinar–Direct link below to the software.

For MAC and Windows  trial copy   SCRIVENER


Another product I love by Scrivener  is Scrapple, which can be imported into Scrivener, after you create your mind map.  It is a great brainstorming tool, planning, plotting and outline tool.   This software is affordable and very user friendly.  Both products are reasonable priced in my opinion compared to more expensive products, and they get the same results.

Scrapple Trial copies   SCRAPPLE Mind Mapping Software    



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  • I’ve never used Scrivener. I think I’d be very confused in the beginning. 😛

    Write with Fey

    • That is why I purchased Learn Scrivener Fast Ninja Access. It made learning Scrivener easy & fast with simple how tos and videos and great perks and bonus that were work the purchased almost on their own. It is an investment in my writing I do not regret. I now love Scrivener, and before I was a Word girl all the way. I love having everything in one project, instead opening multiple windows.

  • I just started using Scrivener last year and went through the tutorial. I felt more then ready to begin using it. Like you said there is a learning curve, but patience or stubbornness got me through the worst of it. 🙂

    Anna from Elements of Writing

    • I am so glad I finally took the time to learn it and make it work for me. It definitely has improve my writing life and pulling everything together.

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