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My Writing Fears.  We all have them, but lately this is the one plaguing me.

There is always the little fear inside that I will not be able to write what I imagine.  That I will not be able to link all the cool ideas, and make them into a good story.  The type of stories I love to read.  I am in awe of the writing process, everything it takes to create a story, to turn into a professional looking book is amazing.  The amount of information you have to know, the thing you have to know how to do or learn is huge.   After you do all that, you then have to package it, and get it out here.  If you are first time novelist, you have to find and win readers, and a loyal following to be successful with it.  Just wow, do I admire writers, even more so, since I decided I wanted to join their numbers and ranks.

I have three BIG projects planned, and several short stories and flash fiction.  There is never enough time to get it all done, the writing, the editing, the website, the content, the social side of it that moves into the social media realms.  All of it needs my attention to some degree, daily. Time management gets complicated.  Yet I love it.

I have been writing and taking courses, since 1980, and still I do not know enough.  What I thought I knew is not as easy to put into practice, as it is in the knowing of it.  I have actually been writing in some form or fashion, since I was a child, e.g. Journal, diary, stories for school work-literature for class essays etc.

I guess the bottom line is with all I know or thought I knew, I know nothing really, until I  try to put into practice.  The point is you never know enough.  Thank goodness, for others willing to, help, discuss, give advice, and practical tips that can make it easier, or help you see what you do not see after you have looked it 101 times.  The journey of writing is challenging, exciting, and rewarding, as it is inspirational.

Lord, I hope I finish that first draft, and turn into something amazing.  The thought gave me a chill.   Spook, thy name is fear.



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  • I think being okay with not knowing EVERYTHING is sometimes the toughest thing to learn.

  • Many of us feel the same way. We just have to keep plugging along, and do the best we can. Afterward, things will begin to fall in place. Great to meet you through the IWSG!

  • All of the ‘book learning’ can’t replace the actual ‘doing’. Best writing advice I ever got was to put my butt in the chair and ‘just do it’. Then you really start to learn.

    • admin

      LOL, that is truth. I thought I did practice, until I started trying to write novel length. It has given me a whole new outlook about writing. Which is why I have made it a personal goal to write something everyday. So far, so good. Thank you for commenting.

  • elsieamata

    I really need to take another writing class. Actually, I need to take an editing class. Editing is for the birds. 🙂


    • admin

      I can sincerely recommend Holly Lisle. Her workshops and writing classes have made a tremendous difference in my writing life. Thank you for commenting.

  • my fear is the same with every beginning of a novel – will i be able to flesh it out into a novel? concepts and blurbs i’m good at, but the big long novels… sometimes it’s a struggle!

    you are doing awesome! and you made me think! go for those Big Projects!

  • I also always want to write something amazing, when really very good would work just as well. Having faith in yourself is important – everything else will fall into place.

  • my fear with this book is that i’ll never get it done. i’ve been working on it for so long, and so many obstacles have slowed me down. and yes, there’s also the “can i pull all my ideas for this story together and have it all make sense?” that one’s in my head a lot too.

  • We writers are a helpful bunch, aren’t we? I love that we can all share what we learn with each other. I do think we’re always learning, even after we’re published. It’s the same with any field, though. You always have to keep learning and growing in order to succeed.

  • They say that a job well done always seems effortless. It’s not until you actually start doing it yourself that you realize all the effort and preparation it takes. This is how we all feel. I’ve also been writing since my early years in some shape or form, I guess that’s why I thought if someone was prepared to be a writer, it was me. HA! How fast did life teach me some humility. I now know I will never know enough, but as long as you know more today than you did yesterday; as long as your writing is a tiny bit better than it was the day before, you are growing and that’s all you can shoot for.

    Best of luck!

    • admin

      Thank you for commenting. All that is so true. LOL, I am so humble, and in awe of the other writers. It is part of what is fascinating about the writing craft, and intimidating too. I learn something everyday, even if it is only what I did wrong, or what I thought I knew that I did not. The best lesson and advice so far is just write, everyday. That is my primary goal, and to finish my first rough draft. . Write, don’t look back, don’t second guess, just write come rain or shine, write.

  • You are so right. It takes putting it all into practice – but you are, right now, doing that! There is never enough time, and yet there is just enough. You are no wimp! The process is a tough one, but you are in it, and you will succeed! Just keep saying, “I am a writer,” each day.

    • admin

      LOL, Thank you Tyrean. I have made writing everyday a goal, and one I have kept, since August 2013. I can see the progress I have made. I keep reminding myself I will get better and faster with time. I am a writer every day. I have always been a writer, now I am a writer trying to produce their first novel, lol.

  • It sounds like you need to pick one thing to focus on. Keep moving forward. Don’t let the ‘learning’ get in the way of the ‘doing’.
    Good luck!

    Thanks for your support.

    • admin

      Focus, that is exactly what I am trying doing for the moment, not let my attention wonder to the new and shiny. My number one focus is my current WIP, which I took through NaNo. I met my word count goal, but I still have some writing to do.

      Sage advice, because learning can get in the way and hold you back,become a go to crunch, especially on days you are feeling really insecure. Thanks for sharing, and returning the support.

  • Hi Juneta.
    I think that your positive and upbeat attitude will get you there. Plus you love to learn. A winning combination!
    Nice to meet you via the IWSG! 🙂
    Writer In Transit

    • admin

      HI it was good to meet you too. Thank you for commenting back. LOL fake it till I make it.. or some such.

  • I wonder if any writer ever stops being overwhelmed by the immensity of the entire story creation process–and I think it might even be healthy to be a bit in awe of all that goes into making great books. At the same time though, it really helps to focus on the day’s work in front of us. Every journey starts with one step … 🙂
    Be fearless!

  • You are so right: There is never enough time!! Even when we have a bunch of time, it’s still never enough.
    Your positivity will get you through.

    • admin

      Thank you, and thanks for the comment. Time gets aways when you are enjoying yourself, LOL and when something is frustrating you to death.

  • Susan Gourley

    That is so perfect an insight. There always seems to be more to learn, relearn or get another opinion or perspective on.

    • admin

      For all I know and learn, lol, I know nothing. I sure do love learning. I guess learning writing craft could be called a hobby, but it really is so much more. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • you will absolutely turn it into something amazing because you are amazing!! 🙂

  • I know nothing – that’s how I feel!
    All the writing books and tips and rules – none of it matters until you start to really use it. And it can seem overwhelming to put a whole manuscript together – but you can do it!

    • admin

      LOL, you can say that again. Thank you for commenting. I can do it. I will do it. That is what I keep telling myself.

  • We don’t know until we try. Sometimes, it sounds so good in my head, then seems lame once out. It takes working and reworking. We know it’s work, but it is also play. Enjoy the process!
    Play off the Page

    • admin

      Thank you. Appreciate the comment. I try to enjoy it all. My Muse thinks it is just play. If she is happy, I tend to be happy about it. ROFL Had this imagine in my minds eye of Left brain giving me an snarly look.

  • admin

    LOL, I’m glad I do not appear a wimp. I am hanging in there. Thank you for commenting.

  • Fear is for wimps and you are NO wimp! But, I know what you mean about the writing process. The process of being a writer is hard enough. Great post!

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