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I’m in the middle of my big move this week, so I may not be able to answer comments until Monday.  Packing, packing, packing…   As long as our internet is hooked up by then.  The final move has been pushed back to this Saturday because of the big hurricane that will hit the edge of Florida on my side.   I also found out after Saturday I will not have the internet until Thursday 13, 2016, so I will be offline, so comments may not be returned until that time.  I’ll do what I can before I actually lose the internet but they are saying we may have long major power outages due to hurricane Matthew so we will see.  


IWSG OCTOBER question is – 

When do you know your story is ready?

That’s kind of an open ended question, isn’t it?   In my mind, there are two kinds of finished.  You write “The End” stop writing, or/and ready to launch into the world, publish.    The latter I have to say I don’t know yet, but I am getting there.  

  • MAJOR change takes place e.g something ends (main storyline) for character or begins new.
  • I know the ending and write to that point.
  • I mind map it until I hit on an epiphany.
  • I fiddle with the end until it feels right. Instinct?


Sometimes for a short story or flash fiction, a scene with conflict (active or internal) that means growth for the character negative or positive with some structure that unfolded in the writing.  Mind mapping helps a lot with endings for these or writing from a picture prompt.  

More often than not it is a feeling and meets some the criteria I’ve set in the story arc.



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Better Novel Project  I love this blog.   Here one of my fave post so far, guess why?


Storytime Blog Hop October 27th.  

You have 15 Days still to join and share your story with us!  It’s a Halloween theme.  Rules below.  Deadline to email me your link October 20th for story submissions.


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OPEN CALL  Speculative Fiction Authors


What do you need to do? 

Write a short story or flash fiction up to 1000 words

It should be PG-Rated – No Violence, Erotica or Foul Language in story

Schedule your posts to synchronize with other participates

Send your link to me by October 20th deadline.  

A time converter link has been provided.  Its already set, just select your time zone to match for the 27th.

Original posting here. 

What is Speculative Fiction?

Speculative fiction is a broad category of narrative fiction that includes elements, settings, and characters created out of imagination and speculation rather than based on reality and everyday life. It encompasses the genres of science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, horror, alternative history, and magic realism.

Join Us!  You have a little over a month left to write your story and get you link sent to me by October 20th deadline.  




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