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I am late getting my post up this month.  I am having problems with my sidebar since I updated WordPress a few days ago.  My stuff is not showing up in one of my side modules.  I have been unable to figure out why or the fix.  I try help but have found no answer posted and only one other person so far experiencing the same thing.  I am pretty sure it is the update, because there were not problems till I did that and I changed nothing.  Ah well, I am still working on it.

A brief introduction:  I am a writer of fantasy and sci-fi fantasy living in Tavares, Florida with a roommate and two cats.  I am writing my first novel and working on several short stories for an anthology.  I am also learning about marketing and self-publishing along the way.  I think coffee is a food group.  I’m a voracious reader addicted to my Kindle.  I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I love nothing better than going on vacations or short getaways.   I recently published a nonfiction article in IWSG Guide to Publishing.  Check out the link and book trailer on the sidebar or my home page.



1476640_10152625354056985_1573107414027661113_nI spent Christmas in Key West Florida with one of my best friends and her daughter who lives there.  haunted-tour-key-westWe took a ghost tour (check it out here Key West Ghost Trolly Tours We Are The Doomed and went out on a Sunset Cruise called Commotion in 10469042_10152625358346985_1728882840854821230_nThe Ocean with a live band.  The sunsets were awesome.  It was so much fun.  We rented mobility scooters and raced all around Duval St shopping and Mallory Square watching the street performers and checking out the venders.  XLMobilityScooter





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specials-packages key-west-sunset-cruises-commotion-on-ocean images (1)

Note about the Ghost Trolley Tour:  When people see the trolley go by they shout out all over Key West “You Are Doom” and the trolley guest respond LOUDLY  “Yes we are the doomed.”  It is so fun and funny.  People actually chase the trolley’s to yell at them and get them to respond back.  You will pass them at night since Key West is a small island, no need to chase though.  I had more fun shouting at the trolley in some ways then the actual ride, but it is well worth the ride learning a lot of Key West Bloody history.

It has been  a while since I posted on my blog, bad me.  I need to get back in the habit.  My insecurity is that I will not find my groove again and get down to the writing.  I have had a huge block this last month and writing anything has been a struggle.  I know I just need to write.  I am working on it.   I hope every one had a great holiday and Happy New Year.  Here is to a great new year 2015.

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  • I’d LOVE to spend a Christmas, or any vacation not in the summer, in the Keys! So glad you had such a good time. Thanks for sharing the photos, they are great! Making my way through the IWSG list… Lisa @ http://www.celticadlx.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for stopping by to visit. Glad you enjoyed the photo’s. Vacation near the ocean is great anywhere IMHO, but Key West was a lot of fun and history to take in.

  • Wow, that looks like fabulous weather! Far nicer than the cold snow we have in Idaho. It looks like you had a great time.

    Did you get your side bar fixed?

    • Yeah, it was a blast.

      I did not really get the sidebar fixed, but I found an alternative way to remove the conflict and get it to do what I wanted. It is more complicated then the other. Jetpack interfered with several plugins after I updated WordPress and they did not work. I found alternatives, but Jetpact would be easier, so I guess the answer is yes and no, lol.

  • Such fun pics!
    I loved that ‘commotion in the ocean’ bit 😀
    Thank you for visiting my place on IWSG day.

  • What a great place to spend Christmas. Very unique with a warm Christmas I’m sure. Funny about people yelling at the trolleys.

    • admin

      It was definitely a warm and sunny Christmas. Great fun too. The trolley thing was too funny. Once you took the tour you learn about the yelling and everyone all over the island does it for the tour folks to make them chant back at them. Thank you for stopping by to say hey!

  • Great photos! That sounds like such a fun holiday. I hope you find your muse soon. All the best in 2015!

  • You know, I live in Florida and I’ve only gone to Key West once for a wedding. I need to go again and see all the attractions. 🙂

    • admin

      LOL, yeah I live here too for the last four years and this is my second time to actually make it to Key West. The first time I was still living in Texas and we made it a stop on our way to a cruise ship in Miami, or actually we went down stay 2 night and came back and boarded the ship. Its a lot of fun.

  • woolda1

    I love ghost tours, it looks like you had a blast – no wonder there was no time for writing! Don’t worry, it will come, just try doodling and chatting with your muse (or keep a notepad near the shower – that’s when my ideas crop up!)
    Good luck with the website issues – don’t forget to take a backup before you change anything!!

    • admin

      I really hate when you update and it screws stuff up on your website. Website are so hard to figure out and time consuming when that happens. I think figured it out, but it involves my AWeber form/plugin, which makes the rest not work, so I had to figure out another way to get my newsletter signup form back on my sidebar. I am not happy with my solution, but at least it is there now.

      We did have blast. Hope you have a great year.

  • oh my gosh, it looks like you had mega fun!! That ghost tour sounds particularly awesome. I love all the photos too.

  • oooh, love your pictures, they make me miss the ocean so much! and the “doom” exchange is just too funny, love it!! happy new year Juneta! (sorry about the blog issues with the update)

    • admin

      Thanks Elena,
      Still working on the website issues. It may be my AWeber plugin, so had to figure out another way to put up my signup form. Happy New Year to you too!

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