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Insecure Writer’s Support Group, founded by Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh.  His awesome co-hosts for August 5 posting of the IWSG will be Nancy Gideon, Bob R Milne, Doreen McGettigan, Chrys Fey, Bish Denham, and Pat Garcia!


InsecureWritersSupportGroupIWSG is a place where writer’s blog about their hopes, doubts, fears and their successes.  They blog about writing, publishing, marketing and their latest book releases.  They are a very encouraging group with many diverse writers from new authors to veterans.  It’s a great place to learn, get advice, encouragement, and be part of a supportive community.  You can visit others in the group and connect with your fellow writers offering support, trading tips and advice and learn about new books to read.  It is an amazing group and online community. To Check it out and join in, go here.



I’ve had internet connections problems, so my post is late going up, and I have not missed a post since March of 2014.

View From the Picture Window in the living room of our new home,

View From the Picture Window in the living room of our new home,

First post in my new home after my July move.


I’ve been struggling with finding my writing groove, as well as, finding the time to actually write or get online.   My move did not go as smooth as we hoped.  We are still having some bumps, but starting to settle.

I feel a bit disconnected from my writing since moving, not sure why.  However, I have my office set up in my room except for my printer.  I hope I can find my writing grove soon and productivity.  Despite not writing or getting online much, I did find time to watch a webinar on marketing and how to drive internet traffic to make the best of your marketing efforts.

The webinar was hosted by Johnny Truant, Sean Platt and David Wright  best known in for their book, “Write, Publish, Repeat”, which is how I first came in contact with them.  Check out their Self Publishing Podcast   Their reputation has grown a lot since their early days and their available fiction is also awesome, check the link on their names for their fiction, also check out this interview.


I had also seen the webinar “Your First 10,000 Readers” before, through another favorite Indie author, Joanna Penn, her site TheCreativePenn,com.


About the webinar, Nick Stephenson is the creator of “Your First 10,000 Readers.  He talks about putting your marketing on auto pilot and effectively finding your readers with less trial by error.  The free webinar was very informative with value and tips in the presentation.

About Nick Stephenson:  He is also a successful fiction author who writes a whodunit series around a criminal investigator Leopold Blake, a criminologist.      You can check it out and all the other authors mention at the links above.  I have not gone into a lot of detail, because I think their sites say it better, so check them out. Nick has two sites.  One for his fiction and the other on his training.  Don’t miss the great links below either.







11 Ways To Make Money As An Indie Author free training video by JoAnna Penn

JoAnna Penn’s podcast



IWSG Guide To Publishing and Beyond Check out the trailer and get it free.


This is my Holly Lisle affiliate link. If you use it I may receive compensation, if you buy something.  I highly recommend Holly Lisle, however, this course is FREE.   It is one of my favorite courses that Holly offers.  I learned a lot, some of which, I could also apply to writing scenes.

I consider Holly Lisle my number one teacher and mentor.  She changed my writing life. Thank you Holly!



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  • I’m sorry your move didn’t go as smoothly as you’d hoped. Moving is hard enough without complications. It’s great that you’ve got your office set up. Once things settle down, hopefully you’ll find your groove again. Thanks for all the great links! I’ll check them out.
    It’s funny, but I was just thinking about you the other day and telling myself I needed to get back over here and see how you were doing, and then you commented on my post. I was glad to hear from you. Anyway, I signed up for your newsletter. And I like your blog’s new look! Good luck on the writing front!

    • Thanks so much for signing up for my newsletter. You made my day. I have had several sign ups this month. I am so tickled,lol. That means I need to think about putting my letter out more regular, rather than 2-4 times a year or less.

      I think about you often too. I’m ready for book 2 from you, lol, looking forward to reading it. You have had some exciting things going on too. I hope you find the links useful.

  • Of course you’ll get your groove back. Great post, Juneta. There is so much more help available than when I first started. I think that’s why my head is spinning most days. But we have IWSG and that’ll set us on the right path. Soon as our insecurities are dealt with. Happy IWSG!

    • Yes IWSG has help me grow so much as a writer. Learn a lot too, as well as being inspired to do more, do better and join in. It has also taught me how to come up with post on a regular basis. I’m so glad I found it. Thanks Jolene!

  • Getting back in the groove of things when everything around you is still settling from chaos is never going to be easy. First thing is your office is set up. Second, you’re still doing your part as a writer by checking out webinars and such. I still see that as a success, because you know what? You could have just sulked and let all interest in writing take a break with the move. But you haven’t, so keep at it and you’ll be writing soon. You got this!

    Also, I love Joanna! Now to check out the other links 🙂

  • You’d think all you’d need was a computer and you’d be good to go anywhere, but I think there’s something about being in a familiar room that stimulates the mind for writing. Until you get used to your new space, it will be too easy to get distracted by the simplest things. Just keep at it and you rmuse will come back.

  • Thank you so much for this great info. I will have to check it out. I find writing in a new place to be hard, if not impossible. I think you just need some time to adjust to your new surroundings. All the best.

    • Yes it is and distracting. Bedroom/office has similar view, lol. Gotta get use to it. It is different when you go somewhere with the purpose of writing and harder when it is the place you live–don’t ask me why, go figure.

  • Moving can be exhausting. I bet you’ll find your groove soon. Certainly the view from your living room is delightful and inviting!

    • Yes it is and distracting. Bedroom/office has similar view, lol. Gotta get use to it. It is different when you go somewhere with the purpose of writing and harder when it is the place you live–don’t ask me why, go figure.

  • I would imagine it’s hard to write in a new environment. I’ve been writing in one spot for years and have never been one to be creative in coffee houses or libraries. Hopefully things will settle down soon for you.

    • Yeah, I lived in one place my whole life, and then moved from Texas to Florida in 2011. This is my first move, since moving from Texas, so the new environment though beautiful is distracting. I felt more at home at my last place, lol. It was nice, but not quite as beautiful area as this one is and I have patio doors opening ut on the lakeview in my bedroom too. I just need to feel more at home.

  • Hi,
    Thank you so much for the marketing recommendations above. I will check them out.
    And take your time concerning getting back into the groove of things. Moving is difficult and some things will fall out of place.
    Pat Garcia

  • Yvette Carol

    I think it’s perfectly natural you don’t feel like writing yet. You have to settle in and find your roots again. You’ll get back to it

  • Those webinars often help ignite the creative spark again. Hope you find your groove again soon.

  • Moving is a lot of work. Hopefully by next month you will be all settled in. JoAnna Penn’s site helped so much when I was starting out. Great suggestions!

  • Way to keep up the commitment. I’m sure once the dust settles everything will be better. You have a month. *snicker*

    Anna from Elements of Writing

  • Trying to get into the groove after moving is tough! I moved in April, during the A to Z Challenge! It took me months to get back to writing. I hope that’s the not case for you.

  • I hear you about being out of the groove – I also moved in July and am feeling the same, though starting to get settled. I need to write the last part of a series that I haven’t done anything with for about 9 months, so I’m reading through everything I’ve done so far and getting more “in the mood”. Thanks for the tips on these authors and mentors, I could always use advice!

  • Hi Juneta,
    Glad to see you’re settling in to your new place. Thanks for all the suggestions here, there’s so much out there that sometimes it’s difficult to know what to look at!
    (Except Holly’s courses! I always suggest Holly’s Flash fiction course too – it’s such a good intro to her teaching methods, and it’s free!)
    Catch up soon!
    A x

    • Yes an overwhelming amount of info out there. I tend to look for suggestions from those who I admire and oddly, I find new people to admire all the time.

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