IWSG August 3rd 2016 Dragon Talents, Firsts & Writing

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IWSG August 3rd, 2016


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IWSG August 3rd 2016

August 3rd IWSG question is –

 What was your very first piece of writing as an aspiring writer? Where is it now? Collecting dust or has it been published?

I don’t really remember my first piece of writing, more than likely, it was some sort of fan fiction.   However, my first story I ever made available to the public is below.  This was also the first time I tried to write a short story that did not have complications that hinted at more or a series.   Standalone, not in a series or episodic, are hard for me for some reason.    My muse is always thinking of the future after the ending.  

Genre: Life: Personal: Short Story

–“How could such an irrevocable change occur to one person, and the world not feel it?”


2004©Juneta Key


2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Juneta has
read 57 books toward
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80 books.




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  • Oh, Juneta. I am sorry for your loss. Your story was very well written. It touched me. It is my biggest fear, even though I know I will have to deal with my mother’s death one day too. I already had to go through it all with my dad’s passing and like you wrote in your story, you don’t want people constantly hovering around you, wanting to talk to you. I had been to so many funerals last year, all so somber, and I couldn’t imagine my mom potentially lying like that one day. Just thinking about it makes me break into tears. Wishing you well.

    • Thank you. It was my biggest fear too. I lived through it. I have never been the same but life goes on. You live life the best you can in celebration of those who are no longer here. You live for all of them.

      Don’t dwell on it. I knew my daddy was dying from cancer and I would not have him long. I started grieving from the moment I heard the words cancer while he was still alive. Don’t do something like that. Don’t let that color the time you have, live for the moment, in the moment, because it is ALL we really ever have.

      Some of us just have more moments or longer moments than others. Don’t live in fear. Live in JOY and LOVE and celebrate the life you have while you have it with the ones you have it with.

  • I think that’s the first story of yours I read, and it struck a chord with me. Beautiful!

  • Oh, Juneta, I just read your story – so beautiful and sad. And the end – so powerful. I knew while reading that this must’ve been something you actually experienced. The writing was incredibly evocative, I say as I swipe away a tear.

  • What a heart wrenching story revealing so much of what we all experience with the loss of a loved one. It is so hard to understand how the world and daily life just goes on without that person in your life. Your ending wrapped it up beautifully. I enjoy writing short stories–and not just because there are fewer words to edit!! I never understood why writers use fan fic. I want to develop my own worlds and characters. What a great idea to promo the IWSG authors books on your blog today. I’ll have to keep my antenna up to find out who has books releasing. Thanks for the heads up!

    • I like writing shorts too. I write fan fiction for the love the story world and the stories that have given me JOY from that world. Star Wars is part of me. It changed and enhanced my life. It has helped me learn the craft of writing. I just love SW forever and always. I have a big collection, read everything SW and own the movies which Yeah like a kid I watch over and over. I love Star Wars. I write fan fiction for the love the story world and stories–the way I do for individual authors, well actually, more so. Not everyone gets SW the way I do, but those who do know what I mean.

  • I’ve seen so many people talk about fan fiction as their early forays into writing. I’ve never tried it, but it seems like fun.

  • I too love series. I read so much, I’ve started checking Goodreads to see how many books are in a series before I invest in the characters. Love the fan fiction, too.

  • Love the short story – such a touching piece. And the title is fantastic! That’s one that would definitely catch my attention and make me want to read whatever it was attached to. Wonderful.

    Thanks for coming by my blog – I’m so glad to meet you and discover yours! LOVE your header pic!! I’m looking forward to following now. 🙂

    • Ah, you melted my heart with those words, thank you. Thank you for following too. I think I am already following you but if not I will correct that. I try to follow all those I interact with but somehow miss some sometimes. Thank you.

  • Yep, my muse just won’t shut off sometimes haha wants to keep going and going

  • I hadn’t really thought about the difference between standalone and episodic fiction before and that some people are driven to keep thinking about what’s next. Very interesting!

  • I love writing short stories and I love the title of your first one. Neat! Your blog posting for this month is really cool. It gives me an idea for promoting others on my next post for the IWSG, even though I do promote other members of the IWSG on my book review blogs.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,

  • Thanks for sharing your first piece of writing with us, it was beautiful.
    Some stories just lend themselves to being a series I think.

  • What a beautiful and poignant story. Very powerful. I have a hard time writing short stories. Everything I write wants to be long.
    Thank you for including my book in your post!

  • My muse loves to keep the story going, too.

    Thanks for adding Seismic Crimes to your post! 😀

  • I gravitate toward series’ as well. I think it’s because I love my characters. They exist and it’s up to me to write their stories. If that doesn’t sound too cray cray. LOL.

  • Short stories are tough. I try and complicate them too much. I have to learn to take stuff away. That not easy.

    • No its not and I do that too. It became easier after I took Holly Lisle’s free 3 week flash fiction course. I mean at times it can still be hard but I know how to approach which really helps in having that understanding.

  • The art of the short story is unique. Keep writing what you love!

  • Your short story was sad and beautiful. I always say I put so much of myself in my writing, but I’ve never really written anything that personal or emotional. Truth and emotion are hard for me.
    I’ve dabbled in fanfiction, but it breaks my heart that I can’t actually write for those worlds and characters outside my blog. Guess that’s why I’ve never shared any of my fan fiction. I feel like it should be officially approved or something. :/

    • Thank you. It’s hard for me too. That was a one-off kind of thing. I can’t say I’ve tried something that personal since.

      Some fan fiction is sanction and those that are not are normally force to pull it from the net. I have never publicized my fan fiction. I did share in a role play group, but it was a closed group and a small number. The only ones have shared mine with was one other friend outside the role play group.

  • Lovely story, Juneta. Sniffle.

    Unlike you, I have a tough time writing anything that’s not a standalone. I once had to write a short story prequel to my novel. Nearly did me in!

    VR Barkowski

    • I learned a lot taking Holly Lisle’s free 3-week flash fiction course, I even learned how to make scenes in bigger works better. I admit there are times I struggle and it is normally in wrapping it up.

  • I kept thinking of stories and ended up with a five book series.

  • Outstanding title. I get what you mean and to think it happens to so many people. It makes me shiver. 🙂

    Anna from elements of emaginette

    • Thank you. It happens to everyone. It is life. You live, you die. Fact: Its all temporary some of us are just in this moment longer than others. You no human can change it. You celebrate the life that was lived by living your life as best you can. You go on. (I hear that Titanic theme song in my head)

      The odd thing is how the world just keeps on like nothing has changed ,yet that person who experienced the loss, will never be the same again. It’s surreal and real and you never look at the world the same again. You can get close with something different and as rewarding with loving people, but that hole is there forever and into the next life.

  • I’ve done my share of fan fiction. Of course, I injected myself into the story. 😀

    • LOL, I still use the fan fiction characters I wrote for other stories. I have created close to 100 FF characters over the years and still do it. Long profiles and then I remake the for other stories, I love my characters.

  • That’s so sad 🙁 I remember reading it before & you’ve got the emotional punch nailed there.
    (I told my 10 year old about fan fiction today – she’s started a dream diary & one involved Captain Jack Sparrow, Hagrid and the wicked witch of the east)

    • That is so cool about the dream diary and your daughter. I hope she enjoys. Captain Jack is one of my faves right up there with Han Solo. Hooked on POTC too.

  • Ah, fan fiction! I remember those days. 🙂

  • I wrote a short story after my stand alone book, so I guess I keep thinking of more as well.

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