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I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to post about and killing time playing on YouTube watching videos.  I realized that I don’t really want to talk about fear and insecurity.  I was looking for inspiration for my muse.  Lindsey Stirling captured my imagination with her combination of music, dance and storytelling.  Feel the joy, the freedom and the imagination of the dance.   I think I may have to create a character.

I am a huge Star War fan, so I was psyched to find this video.  The amazing voice of Peter Hollens with the dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling performing, “A Star Wars Melody”.  The music is all voice and violin. Its awesome. I hope you enjoy.  I did.

**Note: You might want to watch this one in full screen, so you can read the words that scroll across the screen in Star Wars fashion.

I love this one.  It inspires the paranormal writer in me.  Maybe Peter Pan needs to reattach her shadow.

Shiver Me Timbers, these next two appealto the Pirate in me.  Avast Ye Mateys! Have you seen Captain Jack?

You will need your board sword for this one for travel to another world. or maybe you just need your PS3 joy stick.  This is another duet with Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling.

Peter Hollens YouTube Channel 

Did a ghost just walk over my grave?

I loved the seasonal shifts.  Made me think of elemental magic for some reason.

“Second star to the right and straight on till morning.” ~From Peter Pan  Or maybe its “E.T. phone home?”

Pull on your cowboy boots.  You’re gonna need them.

Lindsey Stirling YouTube Channel
I found one more I had to add. It has clockwork, steampunk kind of video, which appeals to me, because I have similar project in the works with a series.

My YouTube Channel playlist for Lindsey Stirling

I think I’ll write now.

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  • Oh my, I think I like her better than David Garrett.

  • Ha, these are great. They bring out the inner geek in me.

  • WOW! Lyndsey is extremely talented! It’s amazing how she’s able to play her fiddle so effortlessly while dancing at the same time! Lyndsey and Peter really work well together, and it was fun to watch their creative spin on Star Wars!

    Juneta, I also wanted to thank you for the kind words today. You have a wonderful way of diving in with both feet to assess a situation which is not an easy task. Remarkably, you do it well!

    • admin

      I thought the dancing and playing was awesome too, but the creative that goes into those videos were pretty amazing too.

      Thank you Julie. I glad anything I might have said helped. People are complicated creatures and don’t always know why they do the things they do, lol, not even me sometimes. I guess that is what the makes the human race so interesting. Thank you for taking time to stop and chat with me too.

  • She is really, really talented. I wonder if she plays the electric violin as well? I’ve only seen a couple do it and that takes it to a whole new level.

    • admin

      I agree very talented. I have not seen her play the electric violin in the videos I have watched, but that does not mean she doesn’t. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed them.

  • OMG, I’ve always been blown away by singers who incorporate major dance routines into their acts, but Lindsey takes it even further with all of the dancing around she does while playing her fiddle. Amazing! Thanks for sharing! Inspirational and different.

  • It’s amazing how searching for inspiration online can reveal some real gems. Thanks for sharing your finds with us Insecure Wrtiers today. Thanks also for visiting my blog 🙂

  • Wow, those videos are amazing! I’d never seen either Peter or Lindsey before. They look like they’re having so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin

      There is a wonderful assortment of independent musical artist on YouTube. It is a community interconnected much like our writing community. You can find more by watching till then end, especially the duets then checking another artist sight. I found a host of them I enjoy, but Lindsey and Peter are my favorites. Thanks for taking time to comment.

  • I’m a big fan of Lindsey Stirling too!
    Funny how music and writing go hand in hand. I find a lot of inspiration from music, often picking a “theme song” for the night’s writing.

    Good luck finding your inspiration!

    • admin

      Thank you for stopping by. Its fun to set the mood for a scene, when writing That’s why I love movie soundtracks, so much drama and inspiration in the right soundtrack.

  • I was only able to watch the first two, but I’m positive I’ve never seen any of them before. Hilarious. Best the rest are great too. Thanks for the smiles.

  • Loni Townsend

    Great videos! I’ve seen a few of them before, but most are new to me. Thanks for sharing your playlist!

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing those! I needed that. Great music to write with!!!
    Oh, and thank you, thank you, thank you for your comments on my blog this morning. 🙂

  • wow, a lot of cool stuff, I’ll have to watch tonight when I get back from work! thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, these are amazing! I can’t believe she can bend her knees so low and still be playing! Thanks, and these ARE inspiring! Go Go Go!!! http://www.celticadlx.blogspot.com

  • I never watched any of these videos before, but I like Lindsey Stirling’s music, thank you for introducing me. You will definitely develop some awesome character from this music. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for following.

  • woolda1

    Was your muse satisfied with that feast or is she/he sleeping it off in the corner? 😉
    The Star Wars one reminded me of seeing it performed as an opera at the Edinburgh festival years ago – Princess Leia was a rather stout viking blonde (and there were probably a lot of opera jokes that were lost on me)

    • admin

      I was lucky enough to see Star Wars in concert tour with Philharmonic Orchestra playing, Big Screen behind them and Anthony Daniels as C3P0 moderating it, while all kinds of Storm Troopers, Darth Vaders and multicast ran around interacting with us, before the concert and after. It was a blast. If you like Star Wars and get the opportunity it is a treat not to be passed up. Thanks for stopping by.

  • I’ve had Lindsey Stirling on my playlist for a while now, but I didn’t know she did all these cool videos. Thanks for sharing! Music is essential to my writing, and it looks like it’s the same for you. 🙂

    • admin

      Its funny in the 80’s and 90’s music was a huge part of my life. I could name that tune in three to four notes on almost any song. Over time I stopped listening so much, or staying up on the music scene, but it can still lift my spirit and inspire, when I can find the right tune.

      I find my characters sometimes have their own preferences, not always the same as mine. There are times one song can inspire a character and story for me. The psychological effects of sound on humans as a whole are amazing. I find that very intriguing and interesting fact. Yeah, its important to me. I really like your musician character, can’t wait to read the redo, or should I say final edit, LOL.

  • I could get sucked into watching these videos all day. =) I LOVE Peter Hollins and Lyndsey Stirling. I’ve shared the pirate one before. It totally cracks me up!

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

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