2nd planned Episode, 1 of 5, in upcoming series.

“Apocalypse, Signed, Sealed & Delivered”

Episode II: Mortal Dilemma: Guardians of the Seals


Author: have manage to get Death to consent to speak to me in a public forum.  I appreciate the time he has taken, so I will get right to it.  You know, you have a very scary job title.  You represent so many things in life; in essence, you influence both life and death.  Your symbolic presence touches every aspect of humanity.  You can represent renewal, rebirth, mobility, shifting, transition, opportunity, possibilities, clearing, cleansing, opening, beginnings, and endings.

You have many names.  I am just going to pick a few of my favorites:  The Man in Black, Angel of Death, Uriel, Cronus, Azra’il, Anubis, Grey Walker, Dark Companion, Enma, Samael, Thanatos, Grim Reaper, the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, even Father of Time from Celtic folklore, the Destroyer

DEATH:  “Let me interrupt here.  Humans view death as an ending.  Humans are beings of energy that are housed in the flesh, energy cannot be destroyed.  It is just converted, transformed or changes.”

Author: “So you see yourself as what, a ferryman like Charon, as sometimes you are depicted?”

DEATH: “Not really, but that would be more accurate in many ways, however before I became human I would have said, I am Death.  I just am.”

Author: “And now that you are human?”

DEATH:  I am not sure I know the answer to that question.  I am a man.”  He held his hands out in front of his face studying them.  He frowned.

Author: “Does that make you angry?”

DEATH:  “It makes me humble.”

Author:  For a moment, I did not know what to say, the answer was unexpected.  “Why is that?”

DEATH:  “I have been given life, a soul.  Man has always had possessed a soul, yet despite his weaknesses, man embodies all that is heaven and hell.”

Author: I had to think about that answer for a minute.  “I guess you mean the archetypes, as man is made in God’s image?  And that man is born into sin?”  It was hard to get my mind around what he was implying.  I was not sure, if he even knew.

DEATH:  “I suppose.  Man embodies hope for all.  There is purpose  in his creation, yet,  he is his darkest enemy.  Hell wages war on Heaven, yet man will tip the odds, while waging war on himself.”

Author: “What do you mean?”

DEATH:  “Let’s move on.”

Author: “Okay.”  I looked down at my notes.  I thought I was about to learn one those meanings of life questions, but you do not push Death, even if he is only a man now.    “As I understand it, you are now human, yet the Apocalypse is still on the horizon?”

DEATH:  “Yes.”

Author:  This was frustrating.  I decided to change tactics.  “You don’t have your powers, so how do you know this?”

DEATH:  “I just do.”

Author: “You are one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, what does that mean for you, if you are human?”

DEATH:  “My destiny is the same.  My human state did not change that.”

Author: “So you have more than one destiny?”

DEATH:  “Yes.  I have free will, as do you.  My choices create my path, consequence shapes my future and changes destiny.”

Author: “So what do you think you’re being human is about then?”

DEATH:   There was a long pause, before he continued.   “A  distraction, a tactic, a ploy…   A gift.”

Author:   “So what are you going to do?”

DEATH:  He sighed.  “I do not know yet, but I am working on it.”

Author: “Without help?”

DEATH:  “I have help.”

Author: “Who?”

DEATH:  “My bothers and a few others.  That is all I am prepared to say.”

Author: Okay, I had more questions than when I started the interview, yet no answers to what I really wanted to know.  Death surprised and sidelined my original points from where I wanted this interview to go.

DEATH: “I must leave, but perhaps if we speak again you can address me by my preferred name, Azrael.”

Author:  “Azrael  as in the Angel of Death?”

DEATH: “It is who I have always been.”

Author: “I can do that.  Thank you for the inter…”   He was gone, just like that.  “Until next time.”



“Apocalypse, Signed, Sealed & Delivered”

Episodes 1-5

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are the Guardians of the Seals. It is not all doom and gloom, but saving the human race is not easy, but if they don’t oblivion is the fate of all including them.    

Episode I: The Blade of Eden: Guardians Of The Seals

Episode II: Mortal Dilemma: Guardians of the Seals

**Photo Big Stock 4 horsemen–by germanjames, Stock Photo 24307025 &  33529427

**Photo Big Stock 4 horsemen–by germanjames, Stock Photo 24307025 &  33529427


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  • Spooky picture, and intriguing interview. Death sure is being elusive with you, but I’m sure you’ll get his number soon! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    • admin

      LOL, yeah he totally derailed my question sequence. He did not really want to do a public interview. I may have to interview his cohorts to get more of the low down. Thank you for commenting.

      • admin

        Oh I forget to comment about the picture. He did not want to have his picture posted, because he looks a bit like Chris Cornell in some of his younger shots in his human form. I ask him if would sing for me, which got me a rather threatening look, but he did agree to allow me to post this picture, which I thought was really cool. I found it on

      • Yeah, I get characters like that too. There’s almost always a good reason for their reticence if you wait for it. 🙂

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