Holly Lisle’s Big Writing Courses OPEN Enrollment FEB 27TH-MARCH 5TH For 7 Days


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For a short time Open Enrollment STARTS Friday, February 27th, 2015 starting 10 AM ET through

ENDS Thursday, March 5th, 2015 ending at 11:59 PM ET

It will be another year before anyone will be able to enroll again. Catch it now, before it ends.



I’m a huge fan of Holly Lisle’s writing courses and her fiction, so to the point.

Up until now, Holly Lisle’s “How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School For Writer’s” and “How To Revise You Novel” writing courses have been open enrollment all year round.  That will not be the case any longer.  Holly is changing her schedule to have an open enrollment one, maybe two, times a year.   These are her two biggest courses and most popular.

The first reason for this is to have a group of students going through the courses at the same time.   Students get much more out of the courses, when the course is active as a group. Also, any student who is having a hard time with one part, or a  harder assignments, get help from more sources (fellow students & moderators: many are already published writers).

It is a great support and encouragement, when thinking through assignments and working on projects of your own.   These courses are for people ready to get serious about their writing.   Students are  more likely to finish their WIP, when going through it with their peers.   These are tough courses, but worth it.  I own both of them and they have changed my writing life.  I learn something new every time I go through them, or have epiphanies about things I might have struggled with the first time through.  I am so glad I found them in 2012.

The second reason for the change  is Holly is building an online writing school and the forums and software will be switching over.  One single group enrollment will make this  move smoother for all and build the energy of the overall course.  The projected move will probably take place in six months to a year from now, as Holly spreads her time among all her projects and fiction writing. Holly’s energy and prolific prose makes her a very busy writer.  I learn so much from her.

So here is your chance to grab the courses before enrollment closes.  I am an affiliate, so if you use my links I will get some compensation.  However, I cannot emphasise how valuable I have found these courses and the forums.  I was recommending them long before I became an affiliate.   It is the best investment in my writing  and myself that I have ever made.    No regrets.  To date I have purchased everything Holly has offered.

The forums with all the other writers input, their varying degrees of knowledge and successes make this source even more invaluable to writers, and as a writing source of knowledge.  It certainly makes a huge difference in my daily personal attitude as a writer.  I have found friends, critique partners and several mentors there, not to mention inspiration and encouragement.  I owe  the creation of this website, and figuring out how to realistically make it happen to Holly and other fellow students.  Many of Holly’s students are published and continuing to publish.  Click on the pictures below to check out the courses. Open enrollment  STARTS  Friday, February 27th starting 10 AM ET through END Thursday, March 5th ending at 11:59 PM ET

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