Heir of Vengeance: Covenant of Grace Series Fiona Tarr (Author Journey)

Heir of Vengeance

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Heir of Vengeance


by Fiona Tarr 

Wow, absolutely amazing.’ Claire Simpson
‘I was absolutely enthralled. I believe it is the best one yet.’ Debra Foster

Egypt is rising, as the House of David is beginning to crumble.

A promised betrothal threatens to drive a wedge between David and those closest to him, but that isn’t the real issue. Jezebel can feel her powers returning and when she disappears, General Martinez fears the worst.

The Palace is rife with politics and when the plotting is revealed, death will follow..




I started writing nearly ten years ago, but it’s a little embarrassing to reveal it took me six years to finish and publish my first novel Destiny of Kings. Now I know that I am not the only one who has sat on my manuscript chewing my fingernail before deciding Indie publishing was the way to go and I expect I won’t be the last.


At first it was tough going, exciting, but tough. Most writers don’t expect to be rich and famous, we would like to be of course, but we don’t really expect it. What we do need and want though are readers. Readers inspire authors to keep writing. They validate writers, their stories and their style. It is a bit like the chicken and egg dilemma. Without readers, authors can give up writing but thankfully, I have kept going and in no small part due to the encouragement from some close friends and family.


Now, with my fourth book published I can honestly say it’s been a steep learning curve, but well worth exploring. There is nothing more exciting than reading an email from someone who has enjoyed your work and gone to the trouble of letting you know. Really! Hearing feedback and reviews from readers is only outdone by the writing process itself, for me anyway.


Juneta asked me to consider my best and worse moment in my writing journey so far, so here goes.


Worse moment….. When my own mum told me my first finished manuscript was terrible (she was referring to my grammar). It’s still not great (my grammar that is), but it’s getting better; or so my editor keeps telling me.


Best moment…. There have been more highs than lows, so too many to pin just one down but I guess receiving my first un-coaxed, un-coerced, given of its own free will review on Amazon—followed very closely by one of my readers actually Facebook messaging me to please, please tell her when book 4 is coming out.


If you are considering writing books and Indie publishing then I have a few little tips I have discovered along the way.


  • Get feedback from genuine BETA readers, not your best friend unless they are very objective.
  • Get your manuscript edited, professionally.
  • Keep writing, one book is very hard to sell because most readers buy all their favourite author’s books once they find a writer they like.
  • Giveaway your first book in exchange for an email address or make it ‘permafree’ (short for permanently free) on Amazon. Readers and reviewers are far more important to a newbie Indie than a few 99 cent sales. Consider your first book as your resume; hand it out and see who likes what they read.


Good luck and don’t give up. If you have a story inside you, keep writing. There is someone out there who wants to read it.


Heir of Vengeance is the 4th and final book in my current series, although I do have a Novella coming out as a prequel before Christmas. Buy it now for 99 cents – Limited Time Only!

Available on Amazon or all other digital retailers here.

Heir of Vengeance


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Heir of Vengeance





I live in Noosa Australia with my husband and my two sons; although the oldest has his own place now, Yes!


When I am not writing, I am running our family business where my husband teaches kitesurfing and I manage our water-sports retail shop. In my spare time you will find me kitesurfing, stand up paddle surfing, bike riding or beach walking. I am a compulsive student of theology, spiritualism, and sociology and these themes feature in all my fantasy books, along with a heavy dose of epic adventure.


I have writing in the blood with my great Uncle George Johnston who is the author of My Brother Jack, a well-known piece of Australian Literature. Although I don’t replicate the literary hall of fame style of Uncle George, I do write a mean, fast-paced and character driven fantasy novel.

Find me on

Twitter: @fionatarr




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