Happy Father’s Day 2017 Memories

Happy Father's Day


Hide the fish bait!

My uncles knew.

If planning a fishing trip with daddy, hide the fish bait, e.g. Brim and such, or it would end up in his frying pan before the trip even got on the road.

Here is a YouTube video of people fishing for Brim.  This is about the size of good bait fish too when fishing for larger fish.


My uncles had spent a week catching Brim.  They made a bet that when Daddy arrived he would want to eat them.  Guess what?


He did. He cooked up a pan for breakfast until this day the memory makes we laugh. Those moments you never forgot because of the way they made you feel and the people you shared them with.

That day we all laugh until we were sick. Mama and I were in the house before daddy because he had to transfer his fishing tackle to the boat so they were ready to leave, so we were “let in” on the secret bet (joke).

I don’t think they thought he would follow through with cooking them up for eating, especially after learning about the bet, BUT he did, he did not even pause to catch a breath.

I mean he literally saw the fish bait in a huge tub middle of the kitchen and said, “where is the frying pan?” He ignored our laughter and got to cooking.

We had fish for breakfast and they still had fish to use as bait, mainly because once Daddy gathered his batch to cook my uncles moved the rest outside to the boat out of his sight.

Catfish was my daddy’s favorite to fish for and to eat.

Daddy was so much fun, good-natured and a great sport. I would love to go fishing, or boating with him again.

I miss you, Daddy.

We spent many a weekend and a summer at my daddy’s close friend’s lake house swimming, fishing and cooking out, Snokum John’s. That is where this picture was taken 18 months before we said our last goodbye. They had just gotten back from collecting the trotline fish from the night before.

Love You Daddy 1922–1990

And Happy Father’s Day to my other Daddy, Uncle B. Always in my heart. I am blessed. Thank you for the beautiful memories and all the love given and shared, and especially the fun and laughter of life.




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