From Juneta’s Desk Widget Conflicts with WP

I really hate WP Jetpack plugin.  I love what is supposed to do, but it is buggy and with every update there are problems.  I turned it back on after removing it before because of issues.  Now once again I have had to deactivated it, because it won’t let some my widgets display and other issues.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • I’ve been toying with the idea of switching from Blogger to a self hosted WordPress site, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger. JetPack sounded like a no-brainer plugin. Now you have me worried.

    • It is a no brainer plugin mostly… There are just issues and they can be fixed it is just time consuming stopping to do it and irritating having to do it more than once. It keeps happening after I think I have everything working right, but I’m sure all things have some issues. This one is a fixable one, but the repeat action is what I hate. Overall I do love I just wished it worked more seamlessly and intergrated better with It does a lot and has tons to offer, so I would still recommend it. Other then the jetpack issue I have been happy with it.

  • Electronics, eh? That’s why I’m married to a techie, to keep me from breaking something. 😉

  • You are going to be my go-to girl if I ever, and I mean ever, get my own website. Sorry for your trouble.

    Anna from Elements of Writing

    • lol, I know some things, but there are still things I can’t figure out or find a good fix for like the WP Jetpack plugin. It has some excellent features, yet can go haywire with any update or theme change. It has been a constant remove and re-add, deactivate, reactivate problem, since I started doing this. needs to create their own set of plugins for .org that do the same things and do not have to be connected to I think that is why we have so many issue is because you have to connect to WP through their .com sites and there are compatibility problems.

      I’ll be glad to help if I can.

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