I want to fly free like the wind,

Lose my cares, forget my woes. 

I dream of another me,

Without labels or boxed in. 


Soaring with the Wind,

Surfing gales, gliding high

Unfurled wings of imagination,

Carried up to lofty heights.


Harmony’s vibration a song I want to know well,

Like a fire that consumes me, 

Growth & Peace I call to me,

Cradling hope in joy’s elusive light.


So I speed into the black night,

The drum of the radio a rhythm of flight.  

Hair wild in the wind, 

My voice raised in song.


The motor thrums, 

And I believe in the power of change.

I feel freedom’s emulation,

In the seat of a four-wheeled mustang.


© Juneta Key



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