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Enter to win one of three signed proof copies of Dust of Earth! Drawing will be held June 1, 2016. NOTE: International winners will be responsible for customs fees.

 dust earth giveaway


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S.R. Olson lives in rural Minnesota with her two dogs. Disabled by domestic violence, she has turned her attention to pursuing a life-long writing goal. Combining her fascination for science and ancient cultures, she applies a fun-loving imagination and sense of adventure to create stories that are lighthearted and fun, as well as insightful and intriguing.


My Interview With Sal, SNEAK PEEK! “I’ve always been a science buff, so I have a sizeable collection of documentaries that range from physics to ancient cultures to alien visitations to astronomy. Quest of the Guardians is like a caldron with a pinch of this and a dash of that all stirred up together, just for the fun of it.”


dust earth giveaway


Book I Blurb:  

Giant Wasps, Poison Forests, Magic Constrained

The King is gone. Long live the King!

When King Jakin Daxx the Third vanished on the day the world descended into chaos, all hope would have been lost if not for the benevolence of the new King Faeran.

Everybody knows that.

But all is not as it seems in this tale of treachery and magic when the missing king returns to reclaim his throne.
For Malakai Jenks, a peasant teen drawn into a power struggle he doesn’t fully understand, a brand new world awaits. Between the ignorant stranger he finds in the wilderness and the outcast Maaoteo clans, he is set to discover ancient secrets about the world, the magical Te’eta, and ultimately about himself.

Join our heroes on their quest to retrieve an ancient artifact of immense power, and go on a journey filled with giant wasps, hidden cities, and poison forests in a world divided against itself by magic gone awry…

Available at Amazon Dust of Earth: Quest of the Guardians: Book I



 Prequel Blurb:  

Seventeen-year-old Mya Tate lives in a peaceful world where everyone knows how to do magic—even her naughty little brother, Dillon.

But then one day, the magic stops working.

Novelette Days of Chaos gives readers a peek into the backstory of the Quest of the Guardians series. Discover the events that tore apart a magical world and set neighbor against neighbor in a conflict that will span generations…

Prequel-Days of Chaos Available at Amazon



Continue the quest by journeying with the Guardians into the mysterious realm of Tav’res: a water world where monsters lurk in the shadows…

Scheduled for release in 2017.



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  • I want to thank everyone who signed up for the drawing! If you signed up, be sure to check your email to see if you were one of the lucky winners! Or…watch the video here:



  • Congrats, SR! Quest of the Guardians sounds like a great fantasy series!

  • I love the minimalism of the covers. 🙂

    • I can’t even tell you how happy it makes me that you said that, Misha! A lot of people didn’t agree with my decision to go that route, but *I* like it, too! LOL!

  • I’m trying to imagine a world where magic is the norm, and then suddenly non-existent. Quite intriguing.

    • Thanks cleemckenzie! It was a fun world to try to imagine, especially in terms of how that would alter the way people live their lives and the impact it would have to suddenly lose that ability!

  • “… even her naughty little brother, Dillion.”
    That made me laugh. If that’s not a red-herring, then I don’t know what is. That line alone makes me want to read the book. Thanks, Juneta.

    • LOL, you are welcome, I read both and it’s a good story. Lots of adventure and surprises. I enjoyed reading them both. I really like that family in the prequel and would enjoy reading more about them too.

      • It turns out, Juneta, that it’s in my mind to possibly go back and write a spin-off series about the Tate family and their adventures in the realm of Tav’res, just because *I* enjoyed them so much, too! Which creates a bit of a quandary for me because they will get a mention in Drop of Water so I need to plan their adventures now for a series that might be years in the future yet, because I don’t lock myself into a plot-line that I may not like later. I guess that’s just one of the quirks of series writing…you have to plan waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead. LOL!

    • LOL! And he is a little stinker, too. Funny story…I have two daughters and three grand-daughters, so writing a little boy was a bit of a challenge for me. My solution was to ask all my friends on Facebook who have raised little boys what they are like at that age. The flood of hilarious stories that resulted was priceless! But they really painted a vivid picture that helped to create the character of Dillon. 🙂

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