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Websites Present and Past Author Participants in Storytime Blog Hop, menu tab for blog hop located under Author Spotlight.

Mel Corbett
Elizabeth McCleary
Katharina Gerlach
Karen Lynn
Angela Woodridge
Barbara Lund
Kris Bowser
Justine Ohlrich
Rabia Gale

Thea van Diepen
Paula de Carvalho
Virginia McClain
Grace Robinette
Dale Cozort
K. A. Petentler
Shana Blueming
Amy Keeley
Cherie “Jade” Arbuckle

Storytime Blog Hop 2015

Storytime Blog Hop Jan 27th, 2016


Community Blogs: About Authors, Bloggers, Writing, Publishing & Marketing

Find new authors to read fantasy, sci-fi to romance, find out about giveaways, free stuff and blog tours, learn about others process, writing, publishing, and marketing.  Meet other authors or find new books to read.  Join The Community Fun!

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Author Anna Simpson aka Emaginette

Author S. K. Anthony

Chimeras Author E. E. Giorgi

Author Angela Wooldridge

Auther Sheri Conaway’s Blog Leap of Faith

Author Katharina Gerlach

A Scenic Route Blog Author

Author C. L. Roth

Indepentend Bookworm

Author Peter Cruikshank

Dragon Called Blog Peter Cruikshank

Author Felicia Fredlund

Holly Lisle’s Blog

Gladiator’s Pen Elise VanCise

Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer

Author Jenn Johnson

In Medusa’s Mirror

Author Kristen Walker

Author Eileen Mueller

Author Elizabeth McCleary

Author K.M. Weiland

Christopher Vogler The Writer’s Journey Blog

Rocking Self Publishing Pod Cast Simon Whistler

The Krystol Meth(od)

Tara Tyler Talks

Writer’s Bucket List

The Real Mad Hatter

Joylene Nowell Butler Suspense Author

Etier Photography and Author Blog Spot

Venture Galleries

Weekend Writing Warriors

Ian Ashley Author

The Rantings of an Insane Writer

Valarie Cromer

Vanna Smythe

Annie Neugebauer

Queen Anne Boleyn Site

Renee Writes

Lilo Abernathy Illuminates 

Lilo Abernathy Urban Fantasy Author Official site

Leap of Faith

Shout With Emaginette

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Holly Lisle Writer

Joanna Penn The Creative Penn

Helping Writer’s Become Authors K, M. Weiland

Dean Wesley Smith

Johnny B Truant, Sean Platt & David Writer known for Write, Publish, Repeat

Writer’s Write

C S Lakin Live Write Thrive

The Story Blue Print David Villalva

How to Write Mind-Blowing Plot Twists—Twisting is NOT Twerking Kristen Lamb’s Blog

Better Novel Project Christine Frazier




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