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Juneta is originally from Dallas Texas area.  She has always wanted to live some place tropical and now resides in Central Florida.   She loves writing about Gothic Space Opera, paranormal fantasy adventure, mysteries and romance with all the complexity of human nature mixed in, whether human or non-human, mage, mystic or pilot.  She loves the possibilities of the imagination that speculative fiction represents in its wide range of story type brushing against many genres. In three words, evocative, complex and mythological.


Juneta has four series projects in the works and has written several short stories and flash fiction.  You can find some of her work to read here on Writer’s Gambit in the story portal and in the Storytime Blog Hops.  She has appeared in a post series about the writing process hosted by author/photographer Chip Etier at Ventura Galleries.  The post at Ventura is no longer available since their relaunch.   

She also has a short story in Katherina’s Gerlach 2016 Indie Author’s Advent Calendar, her story Wild Magic: Episode I.  All stories from advent calendar made into an e-book.  She wrote a nonfiction article about how to use astrology and personality typing to created a more 3-dimensional character appearing in this e-book, Insecure Writer’s Guide To Publishing and Beyond.    And just recently did a guest post for Speculative Fiction Author Christine Rains blog, “What makes a good flash fiction piece?.”

Learn More About Juneta in the expanded & FUN BIO here 




Me @ Treasure Island Florida on the docks


Learn More About Juneta in the expanded & FUN BIO here 

Me @ Gasperilla Pirate Festival in Tampa Florida

Me @ Gasparilla Pirate Festival in Tampa Florida




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  • This is great, Juneta. Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself. It’s nice to have a beautiful face to the name.

    • Thank you. I noticed most people have a little short bio and then add links for people who want to know more, so thought I would do that too. I have had these long bios in past and also did a character profile on myself, lol.

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