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Elena E. Giorgio author of sci-fi futuristic mysteries invited me to take part in an ongoing blog hop called Pay It Forward, started by F. C.  Etier published author, and award winning photographer. I was given four questions to answer.

Elena’s Blog Chimeras HERE

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What am I working on?

I am working on three series projects, plus several short stories and flash fiction. HERE

My 1st project is Guardian of the Seals: Apocalypse Signed, Sealed & Delivered. This is a series of 4-6 novellas. What would happen in the Four Horsemen were mortal? It seems to me that death, famine, pestilence and war has always existed, so if the Apocalypse is unleashed, how much worse is it going to be then it already is? What does this mean for humanity?

In a world of spiritual oppression the war in heaven rages, those bound to earth must fight for enlightenment and spiritual freedom, so the cycles of life renew.

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy. I hope to release the first in this series in early 2015.


My 2nd project is my Moon Hollow series.

Atlantis has risen to become a new world power.  Economics, world health, and human ideas and belief systems are challenged, as on odd energy that some call magic, rises from the cracks in lei lines all over the world. There really are monsters in the dark. Crime has taken on a new face.  Police forces and militia around the world scramble to accommodate world needs, but this is not that story. This is the story of one magical small town and its citizens, once hidden by magic, but now learning to adapt to a world in chaos, change and growing fear striving to find their place in it. Moon Hollow is located on Star Island off the Florida coastline, once hidden by magic, but now revealed.

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy. This project still under development. You can read short vignettes in my story portal on my website.


My 3rd project is Starlight Space Saga series.

A galaxy oppressed, struggles in chaos as industry and science merge, and an unintended hero must accept his destiny to save it from an egomaniacal leader bent on enslaving it.

Genre: Gothic Space Opera Sci-fi fantasy with Steampunk flavor. This project is still under development. Stay tuned for various short stories, and flash fiction giving you a glimpse into the Starlight Universe.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?


All three series deal with the human condition, how our environments, the people we know, and our own choices shape us and define us. They are about connections that define us, and link our lives.   I believe life is a metaphor, and living is the philosophy of that metaphor.   Life is both horrific and beautiful at the same time.  There are fixed laws of choice and consequence cause and effect, and it is the journey of choices.  Life is epic for every person in this world, and so I hope to instill that in my characters too. I write for fun, adventure, the fantastical, and the mundane that makes life worth living, and every moment counts. How am I different? It is a continual evolution into the prolific, and I am still figuring it out.

There are so many great writers out there, and so many wonderful stories. I truly believe there is not really anything new under the sun, not even ideas.  The difference is in the delivery, the voice, and presentation of each author.


Why do I write what I write?

I write because I love reading.  I love a good story that takes me on an adventure, or takes me to new places, or fights the good fight.  The connections we build in our lives through friends, family and community.  I want to believe that people can make a difference, that they can change personally, and affect the world around them.  It is a continual search for joy, hope and understanding.  It is about survival, angst, and complication.   I enjoy writing about the metaphysical, mythological, and paranormal, space, and future possibilities.

When I write, I generally start with a character combined with random ideas. I weave in elements that inspire or intrigue me. As I build the characters, the world usually starts to form. I prefer the computer to the handwritten, but I love brainstorming using my sketch pad, and/or using a technique that some might call mind mapping.

I like the process of creation, and the exciting challenge of story craft. Writing is an ongoing learning experience, so I want my characters to learn and grow. Life is complicated, and so my characters tend to be as well. I like story with heart and adventure, so my ideas tend toward the epic, and the larger canvas of life. The challenge for me is breaking them down into smaller segments, and bringing them to life on the written page. One way I do that is create a sentence of about 30 words or less that encompasses the overall goal of my story. I then use plot cards with one to three sentences each to arrange ideas and link them for scenes.

Guardians of the Seals

World of Moon Hollow

Starlight Space Saga



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  • Intrigued with the premise of “Guardian of the Seals.” I reviewed Billy Graham’s book on the Four Horsemen a few years ago. Fascinating subject, regardless of one’s personal beliefs.
    Thanks for participating in the Paying It Forward blogs.
    I’ll send you the link when it goes live on publisher’s site, Venture Galleries.

    • admin

      Thank you. It is actually more fantasy based than religious based. Total fantasy and fiction. I am exploring the concepts in a sense based on the human condition, but no intent to make a religious statement here, although obviously since I am the writer my personal perceptions will shape the story somewhat. I am also no theologian. I grew up in Christian based home, so I get the concepts from normal bible study. It is about fun make believe, escape and possibilities. It all came to be from the question What if Death were human?

      • admin

        Thank you for sharing it, and coming up with the concept of Paying it Forward in this manner. Wishing you much success.

  • Wow, I didn’t realize you had so many projects at once — that’s great! And I can very much relate to your writing process. Thanks so much for posting!

    • admin

      Thank you for tagging me. I am honored you thought I had something to share. Yeah, I am impatient with myself to something finished. I hope to have one rough draft finished by end of July or August, so I have something to edit. I would like to have a finished one by early 2015. I need to write some short stories, and character vignettes too.

      I just started reading your book. I think I am about 4 chapters in. I read a little every night, before I go to bed. It is a necessary part of my life, always has been since I was a kid.

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