Battling Writer’s Block And Dancing In The Rain


It’s funny everything you read and learn about writers block tells you to let go, give yourself permission to write bad, make mistakes to set yourself free.  They say do something else, and then go back.   I tried that, but always wondered why doesn’t it work for me?   Why do I find  myself mourning my writing, because I can’t get past this?   I’m an idealist, a dreamer, and a realist all at the same time.  My first instinct is to let my pessimism  take over, but my optimism refuses to stay down.  It’s like an eternal war inside me.  Which is why I do find a way to write again, only to just run into that sudden stop with each progression, when life goes nuts like it always does, eventually.  My own personal fears, emotions,  or life circumstance are my monsters.  They scare away my Muse, and so easily halt my forward trajectory; throw me into that dead end called writer’s block.

Today I was doing what I always do, and decided to look at my old writings.  I pulled out my ideas file.  Ideas I’ve collected over the years.  I started reorganizing them.  I had other lists scattered throughout one note.  I have journals full of starts and stops.   All those unfinished stories just gathering dust, how insane is that?   Seven new inspirations were born,  just from reorganizing old files, which triggered feelings of joy within me.  There it was that childlike joy in simplicity.  I was playing.  One of the many things I get from writing.  I didn’t want to let it go.  I wanted to wallow in it.  Rub it all over myself.  Life is about living for the simple moments of joy.  A child does not censure, nor judge the moment, a child just lives in it, grasps it for long as they can, and enjoys it.  They aren’t even really aware of the passage of time.  That is what beats writers block.  I think I’m going to dance through the rain, play, laugh, and  let go of the sorrow.  I’m just going to write.  It really is that simple.  The mountain in my way was ME.

**Photo Summer postcards flying from open book on the beach by Chris_Elwell, Stock Photo 46580584





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