The Archbishop’s Amulet Watson Davis New Dark High Fantasy Novel

I am so excited. Watson Davis takes us back to his dark high fantasy from Loathsome Tales anthology in this new full length novel release.  I can’t wait to read it!


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On the frontier of the Nayen empire, the last few human kingdoms cling to independence, and the Onei hide in their wastelands. The Nayen armies, a military force supplemented with creatures summoned from a list of hells, batter the human defenders while the newly-built Nayen monasteries sacrifice conquered souls to the infernal realms to pacify their subjects.

Caldane, a young Onei shaman enslaved when his clan was destroyed, a survivor of several sacrifices, yearns to return to his homeland to find a new clan, until he learns his mother’s fate. Aissal, an idealistic blue-skinned coulven lass who chose to come to this world to fight the evil spreading through the realms, finds herself captured and alone in a world she does not understand. Rucker, a young southlander boy from Timyiskil, wants to go back to his family at the brewery and have things go back to the way they used to be.

Overseer Fi Cheen, a Nayen monk with his career path on his mind, tracks the escaped slaves across the southlander kingdoms to Windhaven. General Esmela Silverhewer, a Giantess from the realm of Stone, revels in her charge of conquering the human kingdoms, and killing every last Onei on the planet, a commission straight from the Empress herself.

But when Caldane escapes, he takes more than a few useless slaves with him; he takes the Archbishop’s Amulet, a powerful magical item central to the Nayen spells used to remove the hopes and dreams of the subjugated populace.







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Author Bio: Watson Davis

Watson Davis has been a professional guitarist, a computer programmer, a database designer, web developer, and an artist. Born in a US air force base in Louisiana, he was raised in Texas and graduated Summa cum Laude from the University of Houston-Downtown, and with Honors from The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. He now lives on the Costa Blanca of Spain with his wife, four cats, two horses, and a collection of guitars.

Available Now on Amazon. Anthology set in the same world as his novel The Archbishop’s Amulet-Click cover to get it now.



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