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In pursuit of my dreams – living some place tropical and working writer.

Juneta is a native Texan living in Central Florida. She loves hanging out with pirates, playing with dolphins, and entertaining grumpy old gods by story spinning, tale weaving, fate making, world-creating, mythology bending, star mapping, journey planning, fortune-telling with the power of words.

She loves jet skiing in the ocean when opportunity presents seeing huge turtles and star fish swimming right under her feet. She lives for sunset cruises with live bands as they sail the night away with eclectic music styles from raga, alterative, rock and roll, or a little bit country she loves jamming on the sea.

Storytelling has always been part of her world. She has been a reader practically since birth. She has no memories without books, starting with the ones her mama read to her, which Juneta memorized and read back to her.

Telling stories came naturally in some respects, because she was so entranced in books and later movies, but she did not start writings her own stories down until her twenties. That was when the love of the craft of storytelling was really born.

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” ― Ernest Hemingway, The Wild Years

Later she happened upon Star Wars roleplay online in writing type forums, such as Yahoo Groups around 1999. That is when she decided she wanted to try to write books. She began to pursue this as a career around 2011, when she created her first website built around her writing. It has morphed and changed over time, and probably will continue to do so.

For twenty-three years, she worked as a 911 Emergency Dispatcher for Police/Fire/EMT in another life. It taught her to listen and to hear things that were not always said and maybe not always seen. Since 2021, she has worked full time in the writing industry for Ninja Writers LLC and perfecting her artistry in storytelling via her own pursuits.

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Magic Born or Magic Cursed?

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A bind-up of my Moon Hollow stories with one new, never-before-published story in this collection. Short origin stories to the upcoming series Magic Born or Magic Cursed?

Atlantis has risen! Cataclysmic events reshape the globe and a new world order emerges.   Magic once hidden is released back into the world. The magical Isle of Moon Hollow is no longer just an ordinary seafaring community.

Discover how the residents of Moon Hollow overcome their trials and tribulations.

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The new story, Remi and Smoak, coupled with Poseidon’s Island begin Moon Hollow’s serialized origin story. Keep on the lookout for Parts 3 and 4, coming soon for my newsletter subscribers only!”  Find it on Amazon for . 99!

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