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  1. J Q Rose
    December 3, 2021 @ 13:01

    I know when I am stressed, it’s hard to believe I’ll ever reach the point of actually having a story to work on, to develop characters, to edit, etc. But once the elements get sorted, then woo hoo!


  2. Louise (Fundy Blue)
    December 1, 2021 @ 18:01

    Happy IWSG Day, Juneta! Oh yeah, that darn middle! LOL! The first time my characters took over in my writing, I was shocked. I had no idea something like that could happen. It’s magic! I am enjoying the new book club! Happy holidays and happy writing to you!


    • Julia Quay
      December 3, 2021 @ 12:16

      Agreed, Juneta, re creating characters and world. I think I spend too much time on those. Too many side stories which are fun to write, but don’t really move the whole thing forward.

      Enjoy your holiday, Juneta!


  3. ChemistKen
    December 1, 2021 @ 15:24

    I wish my characters would write their stories for me. It would make things so much easier for me. Right now they just sit around waiting for me to tell them what to do.


  4. Jemima Pett
    December 1, 2021 @ 15:23

    I think I agree with Alex. I can’t remember thinking ‘I’m in the middle, that’s why it’s sagging’ ever. Mostly I wonder how I’m going to finish it within the wordcount I’ve set….


  5. L. Diane Wolfe
    December 1, 2021 @ 14:23

    Now you know why I wrote a five-book series – I loved my characters. I even dreamed about them.


  6. Loni A Townsend
    December 1, 2021 @ 13:30

    My characters are such fun brain companions, though I swear they’d hate me if they were real.


  7. Melissa Maygrove
    December 1, 2021 @ 11:43

    “Spending time with the character once I delved deep enough that they feel real. ”

    Yes. This. I love how my characters flesh out more and more as I write. They become so real to me that if you asked me how they would behave in a situation that wasn’t in the book, I could tell you.


  8. C. Lee McKenzie
    December 1, 2021 @ 10:33

    That middle part can be a bear, and of course, it’s the longest.


  9. Alex J. Cavanaugh
    December 1, 2021 @ 09:08

    I once read the best way to beat a saggy middle was have a great beginning, a great ending, and as little space in between as possible!


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