Midlife Ghostwalker: Katje Storm: A Serialized Short Form on Medium.

Midlife Ghostwalker: Katje Storm

150 Word Serialization on Medium. Midlife Crisis Trope
Genre: Paranormal Women’s Fiction

I just turned forty, plus I just filed for divorce from my cheating soon-to-be ex-husband, but if that is not bad enough, he murdered me. I didn’t stay dead. Turns out I’m magical, a ghostwalker with a destiny I had no clue about.

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What is Medium Short Form?

Medium has introduce a new format. 150 word stories for readers who want bite-size reads. Those 150 words include title, subtitle, photo credits, and link words.

The challenge for me is to tell a novel size story in episodes 150 words a pop. I invite you to come on the journey with me and read, comment, tell me how I am doing. Are you engaged? Does the story excite you? Are you having fun? The experience for me is to create rough draft (outline) of a novel, world build, in bites bits for a short form serialization. Its experiment to later be enlarged into a novel.

Here is what Medium says about thier short form requirements.

My Publishing Timeline

My goal is to publish an episode a week on Medium, but more often if I can manage it in my schedule.

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