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(Old logo, but I still love it. The ravens/crows are my favorite and will probably find a way to work them back into my theme.)

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List of Affiliates. 

Need help with developing a book idea, story structure, short story and more? 
Juneta’s coaching services.  


Webhosting and Buy Doman names.  I have used since 2011 wonderful customer service.  Plans start as little as $9.95 a  month with one domain name free.  

I have been using MailerLite for several years now, and I have been very happy.  Wonderful customer services, and their features are growing and improving every year.



You can import it into your Scrivener project, and you create timelines and story bibles along with a visual plot timeline for each book.  Keep up with all the information in your series.






Scrivener: By writers, for writers.

Word processing program just for writers.  Keep everything about your writing project in one place, research, photos, URS’s, Notes.  You can import Scapple mind mapping software, Plottr a plotting software, Aeon Timeline, Edit in ProWritingAid desktop app and open with edits done in Scrivener everything in one place at your fingertips.

Also, by the makers of Scrivener a mind mapping software, Scapple!  Import it right into your Scrivener Project so all in one place.  


Learn Scrivener Fast The Scrivener Coach Affiliate




Joseph Michael-The Scrivener Coach. Are you struggling to learn how to use Scrivener for your writing?  Learn ScrivenerFast  Ninja  Level

Beat the Learning Curb with Learn Scrivener Fast Click the Image for Details

Writing Improvement Software



For the smarter writer
A grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.  Now compatible with Scrivener.  Edit your Scrivener file in the desktop app, and open in Scrivener all edits done. 



Write Flash Fiction that Doesn’t SUCK at

How To Write Short Stories




DESCRIPTION:  Nine weekly lessons with writing assignments

  • How to Think Short: Painless Short Story Idea Creation
  • How to Plan Short: Fun, Simple Short Story Planning
  • How to Write Short: Get the Story You Want at the Length You Need
  • How to End Short: Landing Twist, Resolution, and Meaning
  • How to Revise Short: Find and Fix Everything In One Comprehensive Revision
  • Contests, Anthologies, Collections: Writing to a Theme
  • Writing Story Time to Length: Five Seconds or Five Hundred Years in 6000 Words
  • Spin-Off, Spin Into: Creating Good Short Fiction to Market Long Fiction
  • Genre Short Stories: Hitting Fundamental Notes

Level: Beginner to Pro

Writing Improvement Software


LIST OF NON-AFFILIATES ON THIS SITE: Just because I think they are great. 

These links **I am NOT AN AFFILIATE of…  But, I do highly recommend them!

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