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How To Write Short Stories




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DESCRIPTION:  Nine weekly lessons with writing assignments

  • How to Think Short: Painless Short Story Idea Creation
  • How to Plan Short: Fun, Simple Short Story Planning
  • How to Write Short: Get the Story You Want at the Length You Need
  • How to End Short: Landing Twist, Resolution, and Meaning
  • How to Revise Short: Find and Fix Everything In One Comprehensive Revision
  • Contests, Anthologies, Collections: Writing to a Theme
  • Writing Story Time to Length: Five Seconds or Five Hundred Years in 6000 Words
  • Spin-Off, Spin Into: Creating Good Short Fiction to Market Long Fiction
  • Genre Short Stories: Hitting Fundamental Notes

Level: Beginner to Pro



Writing Improvement Software



These links **I am NOT AN AFFILIATE of…  But, I do highly recommend them.

(I am NOT AN AFFILIATE of Scrivener Writing software. This link for your convenience.)

Scrivener: By writers, for writers.

Scrivener 3 for MAC just released.  Window 3 version soon to release 2018.

Both versions will now operate the same and do the same things.

Windows 1 – buy now and you will get the Windows 3 upgrade update automatically when released.

(Note: Already own Windows 1 version for a bit.  You can get the upgrade for $25 when you show a receipt where you purchased it.)

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