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Speculative Fiction Author

Fantasy, Space Opera, Mythological Humor,
Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Juneta Key

2Juneta Key Midlife Magical Humorous Adventure


“It’s impossible, said pride, it’s risky, said experience, it’s pointless, said reason,
give it a try, whispered the heart.” ~Unknown

Juneta is a Texan now living in Florida.
She has always wanted to live some place tropical.

Juneta WRITES SPECULATIVE FICTION that is Evocative, Mythic, a little Magical, Adventurous, and somewhat Humorous!

Come Explore Her Worlds.

She loves writing about Grumpy Old Gods, Space Opera, Paranormal Women’s Fiction & Sci-Fi Fantasy adventure, mysteries, and romance with all the complexity of human nature mixed in, whether human or non-human, mage, mystic or pilot. Stories that involve the mythology born of living and the shadows that make us all heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and poets.

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“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”

~ Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing



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