Writing Angst A Love Hate Relationship

The Project:   4-5 Novella’s built around stories involving the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


I ran into a snag with the story I am writing in July NaNoWriMo Camp.  I had to rethink some things, and change plot a bit, so it has slowed me down.  I have been very frustrated, because I have not actually been writing, but I have been working on the problem.  I have not posted my regular blog this month, because I have been so focused on NaNo and  fixing my snag.  I am also about a week behind on writing toward my word count goal for NaNo.  I am not sure if I will make my goal now, but July 2014  NaNo is not over yet.  I am still going to give it my best shot.

My process:  I use a 8×11 sketch pad to link words, thoughts, phrases, pictures I doodle, and concepts.  I start with the problem or a scene I am trying to work out.  I may use just a word or a whole phrase.  I build on logistics, and then throw in imagination, and try to make connections.  Each scene is a story of progress from the beginning, middle, and end–move to the next scene, and do it again.  For more on my process, check out this LINK



The Four Horsemen.


 From the Garden of Eden four horsemen rode forth warriors for humanity.   Angels chosen to fall from heaven to guard the seals of doom, and prepare a path for man where he might find hope, redemption, and spiritual healing.  For it was only in the trials and tribulation that man would begin to understand what he had lost, and fight to reclaim it.

The four horsemen knew that whatever happened the seals must remain intact, or they were all doomed along with man.  This was their burden and their charge.


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SNIPPET FROM WIP–©2014  Juneta key   This is a snippet from WIP no part may be used or copied in any way.  This is a rough draft snippet, not yet edited.


The twin suns of purgatory aided its harsh beauty against jagged mountains of rock, and plains of burnt orange sands.  The climate unforgiving and taxing, despite that Heiden Grim stood erect, feet slightly apart his stance balanced on the flat rock overhang just outside his quarters.  Sweat trickled down the side of his face.   The Shaolin mediation exercises help only marginally to relieve the restlessness that plagued him of late.  He shifted on the balls of his feet, but held his position.  The air was arid, and burned his lungs as he inhaled, and released a deep breath.  He was a warrior, angel, and Fallen, not by choice, but by duty.  The tattoo that marked his destiny pulsed on one muscled arm a constant reminder of the seal that defined and cursed him.

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