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It has been awhile, since I blogged about my own writing. I am currently participating in November NaNoWriMo 2014. It was a slow start for me this year, because I took my story through a total revamp, before I started. I doubt I will make the word count of 50,000 by November 30th, which also happens to be my birthday.

November 2014 NaNoWriMo

Writing does not just happen by itself, nor does it happen overnight. It takes time, energy and deep thought to put together a quality story.   I am not writing to just write a book.  I am writing, because I love the craft and I love quality reading.  I started working on my story “idea” in 2012. I actually put together 3 different story premises, which you can find under My Projects in the menu tab top.   I wrote my first complete outline on one of them in 2013.  Now in 2014 I am writing my first draft on one of those projects.

It has been a learning process for me, despite my knowledge of writing. It is funny how that happens, when it is your own story. It is easier to see the “ins and outs” of someone else’s story, rather than your own work. I think that is because we are closer to our own work and you start from scratch, instead of a story already presented through someone else.

I am currently working on Apocalypse, Signed, Sealed & Delivered: Episode I: The Blade of Eden: Guardians of The Seals. I also have a couple of short stories and flash fiction in the works.  You can learn a little about Episode I:   HERE

You can check out my site for more writings.  HERE

You may ask why do I write? Well, I write because it is something I have been compelled to do most of my life. I write for fun and entertainment, so enjoy writing fanfiction too.  I also enjoy the challenge of creating something worth reading and entertaining. I like creating my own stories, and the pretend factor connected to it.  Writing is an art, as any reader knows, because not everyone writes good stories or compelling stories.  It is my hope to master the art of storytelling to deliver  fun, enjoyable reads with depth and entertaining story.

I have taken several writing courses over the years, but the most life changing writing course I have taken was created by Holly Lisle.  My first with her about writing career survival school and the other about editing that writing, when you finish that first draft.



Three of my favorite books on writing that I have read are:

“Elements of Fiction Writing: Description by Monica Woods

“The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writer’s” 3rd edition by Christopher Vogler.

“Save The Cat” by Blake Snyder


I read everyday.  I read very fast, so normally have  more than one book started.  My Current Reading List, the first five.

“Bone Crusher” by Tom Velter (Free Short Story on his site)


“What Really Counts” by Katharina Gerlach


“The Telepath Chronicles” by various authors (short stories)


“Doorway To Destiny” 13 book boxset by TC Southwell and Vanessa Finaughty


“The Light Who Shines” by Lilo Abernathy



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  • wow, you are reading five books at the same time? and congratulations on Nano, doesn’t matter if it was a slow start, I think what matters is to get going and found a rhythm. It sounds like you found yours. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving, Juneta !!!

    • admin

      LOL, well one after another, not all at the same time exactly, but will finished most except the box set close together. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Elena. Wishing you much happiness and blessings. .

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