I am babysitting this week a  9 year old teacup Chihuahua named Chi Chi.  She has a sweet nature, but does not like everyone.  I am one of the few she seeks out.  She likes to be held, and can be held with one hand.  She also thinks she is a big dog, and will be brave as long someone she trust is near.  She chases the other animals, as long as they will run.  She and my two cat’s tolerant each other.  I think my cats are a bit fascinated with her.  They are like what is that, a rat, but it doesn’t smell right.


She is so cute in that she will come into my house without her owner to eat the cat food and say hello.  She has also been known to bark at my door to tell me to come outside they were out there.  This is not the first time I have taken care of her.  I have known her all her life, but I think we really bonded, when I took care of her when she was sick once, and her owner was at work.  I gave her medicine, and comforted her.   She knows I take care of her.

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